Susan Luzzaro

Susan Luzzaro
Susan Luzzaro received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from San Diego State University. Her poetry and creative nonfiction has been published in a number of prominent literary journals. West End Press published her second collection of poetry, Flesh Envelope. She is currently at work on a book about corruption in the South Bay and a novel based on the San Patricios brigade. Susan grew up in Chula Vista and comes from a long line of educators; she has developed an expertise on educational issues. She has family members employed in various capacities at San Diego Unified, National School District, Sweetwater Union High School and Chula Vista Elementary School District. She has been writing for the Reader since 1999.

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Latest Articles

Lost the election, won the plum

Airport authority appoints former I.B. mayor Jim Janney

On December 1, four South Bay mayors met in National City to appoint a new member to the board of directors of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. The four mayors were: Ron Morrison ...

It would have been prudent...

Sweetwater board advances plan for townhomes on district property

At the regular November 20 Sweetwater Union High School district meeting, lame-duck trustees authorized the district to proceed with entitling 1130 Fifth Avenue in Chula Vista for 135 townhomes. The project, which is called the ...

Ed's gone, but this Sweetwater shenanigan isn't

District's real estate deal “a bad marriage from which neither can escape.”

“I’m not leaving the Sweetwater folks $34 million in the hole,” said Marc Litchman, a controversial figure who holds the title to Sweetwater Union High School District land. While Litchman’s statement might appear friendly to ...

Dollars and nonsense in Chula Vista

Planning commissioner objects to adding 1562 more residences

Chula Vista is changing the general plan (again) to increase housing density (again) in eastern Chula Vista. On November 4, the city council passed a resolution amending the general plan to increase the density for ...

iPads are great for porn and video games

Not so much for learning.

Some Sweetwater librarians, teachers, and parents continue to question whether the district’s iPad initiative is a boon or a costly boondoggle. Similar to Los Angeles Unified School District, which recently canceled a contract to buy ...

It takes a Village card room…

Raided gambling house’s owner used to employ Chula Vista’s Mayor Cox

The Village Club Card Room, located in Chula Vista, was one of two establishments raided by the FBI on October 29. In addition to the card rooms, 10News reported that a federal search warrant was ...

Good ol' boys' and girls' club

Who's running the Chula Vista elementary district board? Who's next?

The Chula Vista Elementary School District board has long been viewed as a closed system. Trustees have often been appointed first, elected later; other seats appear to be an inheritance. On October 23, San Diego ...

Enough nepotism and cronyism

Vocal Sweetwater board endorsements from the Coxes don't sit too well

As the Sweetwater Union High School District elections loom closer, Chula Vista mayor Cheryl Cox and county supervisor Greg Cox are flexing their political muscle in the campaign. On October 14, many residents who live ...

McCann's plan a sham?

Chula Vista council candidate proposes hiatus on tolls for SR-125

South Bay campaigning has been getting down and dirty recently, but John McCann, a Sweetwater Union High School trustee who is running for Chula Vista City Council, has chosen another route to the seat, chumming ...

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