Steve Sorensen

Sorensen started writing features for the Reader after winning a writing contest in December, 1976.

The following are some of his stories from the print archives:

Dec. 9, 1976 A Kingdom Bought and Sold (life at triplexes in Encinitas near Moonlight Beach)

April 13, 1978 Don't Fence Me In (off-road vehicles at the Salton Sea)

Oct. 26, 1978 River run (hiking the San Diego River)

May 3, 1979 Pilgrims by the Shore (Easter vacation at the Colorado River)

March 15, 1984 Making Waves (Mike Doyle- one of world's most talented surfers)

Aug. 2, 1984 The Devil's Peak (hiking 10,000-ft. Baja peak)

Nov. 7, 1985 The Spirit of Steve Ponchetti (Santa Ysabel Indians)

Feb. 13, 1986 Great Top Spin Never Stops (Bobby Riggs)

Oct. 23, 1986 Ten-Speed Terror (danger on two wheels)

Feb. 11, 1988 Fifty Miles of River (San Dieguito River - from Volcan Mountain to Del Mar)

Oct. 20, 1988 The Sport of Surfing Is: 1) Epic 2) Formerly Bitchin' 3) A Business Opportunity (Mike Doyle and commercialization of surfing)

Nov. 23, 1994, page 42 A Shirt for a Surf Hero (mega success of surf god Rusty Preisendorfer)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.

Latest Articles

Please Don't Tell Anyone That Old Surfers End Up Here

A wonderful world well south of the border.

Not long after the New Year, my friend and neighbor here in Zacatitos, Marilyn Z, sent me an email saying that, at 81 years of age, she had lost her battle with cancer and had ...

Life on the Crest

Jerry Schad loves to explore the desert, and the rougher it gets, the better he likes it.

Sitting at his coffee table, poring over a stack of topographic maps, Jerry Schad looked as happy as a kid in a comic-book store. “I’ve been trying to figure out a place in Anza-Borrego where ...

Great Top Spin Never Stops

Bobby Riggs, the legendary tennis hustler, has a hundred bucks that says he can beat you. Somehow.

The legs may be long gone, but at 67, the tennis trickster can still outhustle the best of 'em.

The Spectacle at Moonlight Beach

Where the myth meets the sea

In the early morning, when only the transients are awake, Moonlight Beach looks clean and pure, like the set for some old movie where guys in tuxedoes tap-dance under the palm trees. The cinderblock restrooms, ...

Return of the Mountain Lion

Ten years ago when Buzz Johnson moved from Colorado to the 650 acres he owns on Angel Mountain, ten miles south of Mount Palomar, the property was so thick with manzanita and chamiso that a ...

And on This Farm They Had Some Fish

It can get wet out there in the desert, especially when you're raising tons of fish.

Shortly after dawn on a chilly desert morning, Bill Engler, 44-old fish farmer-entrepreneur, and Victor Wade, his 45-year-old French-Canadian partner, are standing in their pole-barn fish hatchery trying to figure out how to measure a ...

The Big Hike

Border to border along the Pacific Crest Trail

Headed for Canada? Here's one way to get there: have a friend drive you out to Campo. Say good-bye to your friend. Then set out onto the Pacific Crest Trail and start walking.

The Big Lure

At four o'clock on a Saturday morning about the only people you will find awake in San Diego County are short-order cooks, cops, insomniacs, truck drivers, and bass fishermen. Of them all, the bass fishermen ...

Sweet, Wet, Ugly, Tough

Life at the end of a lobster trap.

Some people say that the only other thing a lobster fisherman does besides fish is drink. This image of the hard-drinking, hardworking, hardheaded fisherman is traditional, and it might even be true. At any rate, ...

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