Russell Goltz

Russell Goltz
While Russell is a native of Southern California he did not begin surfing until he was 45 years old. His "real" job is as an SAP Business Systems Consultant. Russell tries to write his surf stories from both the outside looking in, and from the inside looking out. He resides in North Pacific Beach and has no intentions of ever leaving.

Latest Articles

Should I wear a leash?

If Skip Frye's board ends up on the rocks he can just make himself a new one

Because all beginners should be wearing a leash, going leashless gives a surfer more credibility in the line-up. It is a statement that says, “I am a good surfer, so don’t drop in on me.” ...

Trawling for locals-only discounts in PB and MB

You don't have to be a good guy.

There is a This American Life podcast called “Good Guys.” It is about always asking when you buy something if you can get the “good-guy” discount. As Ira Glass says, “You know, you’re a good ...

The advantage of Wavestorms

Don’t have to worry about your Costco board getting stolen

Several years ago most new surfers at Tourmaline were groms. Nowadays most beginners appear to be adults that bought their Wavestorm boards at Costco for $99.99. A fiberglass longboard is big and heavy. Going “over ...

Should I surf today?

Stay home or suit up and head out?

The surf is big today, scary big. says it is six to eight feet at Tourmaline Cove, with some sets double overhead. At P.B. Point (False Point) the projections are for over 10 feet, ...

Hidden underwater, even at low tide

Watch out for Grimace Rock

I asked the most knowledgeable surfer I know about the name Grimace Rock. Skip Frye told me it comes from a picture taken when a surfer realized he was about to hit the rock. Grimace ...

Surfers will roar at PB Point

Nature will tell you if you should be out that day

Paddle around the peak or get out of the lineup!

Landslide at Tourmaline

On Friday afternoon, September 11, 2015, there was a cliff collapse inside the cove at Tourmaline Surfing Park. Normally this type of landslide is a clear reminder to the locals to not sit up close ...

Surfboard fishing in Pacific Beach

Look for the orange buoy in front of Law Street

The off-limits fishing area in P.B. isn’t as big as it seems.

Pacific Beach revolt against Deco Bikes

Faulconer and Zapf scorned on Grand Avenue

Late Thursday afternoon (July 23) Deco Bike Racks were installed in two prime locations on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. Recommendations by the Pacific Beach Town Council and the Pacific Beach Planning Group were apparently ...

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