Russell Goltz

Russell Goltz
While Russell is a native of Southern California he did not begin surfing until he was 45 years old. His "real" job is as an SAP Business Systems Consultant. Russell tries to write his surf stories from both the outside looking in, and from the inside looking out. He resides in North Pacific Beach and has no intentions of ever leaving.

Latest Articles

Graffiti slayer

My neighborhood in North Pacific Beach is pretty much free of graffiti. When I drive into other parts of San Diego, or in Pacific Beach, there are more stickers, old garage-sale and lost-dog signs, and ...

When is the surf too big?

Who’s ready for the big surf? Who isn’t?

The news weather people love to talk about high surf advisories. They always throw in “strong rip currents” and warn that only “advanced” surfers should enter the ocean. Sometimes they are right, but more often ...

The long and short of it

The waves have to be fast and be breaking to catch them on a shortboard. While sitting on a shortboard, the surfer is very low down in the water. Shortboard surfers get upset with longboarders ...

Another thing that can't be done

Regulations for kite-surfers are on the wind.

Last week I spent some time talking with John, one of the local surfers who also is a kite-surfer. He was lamenting about the probable outcome of the meeting between surfers and kite-surfers that was ...

Fourteen levels of warmth

We’ve got the sand...have you got the rubber?

If you live anywhere north of Santa Barbara, you always wear a wetsuit. When you get up to Oregon and Washington it does not matter what the season might be — you will be in ...

Always one loud-mouthed jerk

Hey, local, where’s your aloha spirit?

While Southern California is full of great surf spots, there still are not enough, considering the size of the surfing population. This can cause a lot of stress in the lineup. Most (if not all) ...

The nervous worried look

We have visitors from Norway in our condo complex in Pacific Beach. The first thing they asked was where they could find a beginner’s beach for surfing. They picked the right place to live, as ...

The unused wetsuit

This was the best summer for surfing in San Diego… ever. There was no May Gray, June Gloom, or July Cry. It was perfect weather at the beach almost every day, and that clear weather ...

Back to the Yukon, part 3

The boat that Waterhorse Charters owns is named the Humboldt. It is 45 feet long and designed for scuba diving. This dive to the wrecked HMCS Yukon will be the second time on the boat ...

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