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Behind the redwood curtain: Humboldt County

A world – and 10-12 hours – away from SoCal freeways.

Northern California doesn't begin with San Francisco, at least not to Humboldt County residents. It's not really a particular city that marks the split between north and south, but a vast stretch of forest – ...

Low-cost pet clinic

Earlier this year I took my dog to a Pet Network Clinic for his rabies vaccine, which cost $6! The staff was efficient and professional. In case you need flea medication, DA2LPP or feline leukemia ...

Three Days in Santa Cruz

A hidden gem along the Californian coast, Santa Cruz offers lush natural parks, eateries with local charm and the traditional boardwalk. It has a relaxed feel like most beach towns, and the locals prize natural ...

Planning for the Weekend: Which Speakeasy?

San Diego is home to a couple of speakeasy bars, including Prohibition and Noble Experiment. These places are exclusive, and hidden. My husband reserved 4 spots a couple months back at Noble Experiment, and it ...

Affordable Yoga

For an entire year I practiced yoga consistently, taking two to four classes per week. But summer tends to be a time of low income for writers, lecturers, students, and fresh graduates. “It’s expensive,” a ...

Museum of the Living Artist Swaps Halogens with LEDs

Last month, the San Diego Art Institute’s Museum of the Living Artist received a grant from the City of San Diego and San Diego Gas and Electric via the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. The Energy ...

A Week in Madrid, Spain

I was at the end of adjuncting three college courses, and hadn’t traveled internationally since 2006 when my husband and I went to Taipei to visit family. I had some money and time to go ...

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