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Love Revisited revisits Forever Changes

...with strings and brass to do it true

Love guitarist Johnny Echols returns to San Diego to perform the classic Love album Forever Changes. Echols took time out to answer a few questions for the San Diego Reader. SDR: What do you think ...

Johnny Marr's Playland

Since the demise of the Smiths, Johnny Marr has worked on collaborations with feverish intensity, so it was no surprise that it took so long for his debut solo record to happen, but it is ...

While the Cat's away, where will the Brits play?

Iconic Cat and Fiddle pub ousted from its Hollywood digs

Hollywood’s British pub the Cat and Fiddle will be ringing orders for the last time at its present location on Sunset Boulevard on December 15. The building’s owners have negotiated a new tenancy agreement with ...

Report from Tiki Oasis

Musical tributes to the unbeaten generation

The last chapter of 2014’s beat-novel party “Tiki Oasis” continues the theme with pop artists the Loons, Love Revisited (with Johnny Echols), and “Dirty Water” legends the Standells. The Loons are gearing up for the ...

Divide and Exit by Sleaford Mods

The current foul-mouthed darlings of music press from London to New York, Nottingham’s Sleaford Mods, have unleashed their eighth album, Divide and Exit. From the same neck of the woods as Robin Hood, Sleaford Mods’ ...

Got the Bugg?

Teens Bugg out at Brit pop star's M-Theory instore

Jake Bugg has now joined the long list of greats to come from Nottingham — Robin Hood, Alvin Lee, and me. ;-D Bugg performed a short in-store acoustic performance at M theory in Mission Hills, ...

Beady Eye's BE

Hopefully Liam Gallagher wasn't serious when he claimed Beady Eye would be "bigger than Oasis." He must realize he’s pissing in the wind with that one. While their debut album was a decent collection of ...

Not so Tame Impala hits House of Blues

Australia’s finest, Tame Impala, gave all in the house an early surprise by joining opening act Jonathan Wilson onstage for his final number. Wilson and his band had played a solid set, although for most ...

A beautiful Ugly Things weekender

Three days of long nights, and the perpetrator is a fellow ex-pat named Mike Stax. The 30-year anniversary of Stax’s magazine, Ugly Things, was celebrated by players past and present. Santa Ana’s the Neumans kicked ...

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