Richard Meltzer

One of America's premier rock critics, Meltzer wrote features for the Reader from 1985 to 2000 including:

May 30, 1985, page 16 The Last Wrestling Piece (new packaging for the old crowd pleaser)

July 10, 1986 Richard Meltzer's Navy (part 1)

July 17, 1986 Richard Meltzer's Navy (part 2)

March 24, 1988 The Unbearable Rightness of Roger Hedgecock

March 31, 1988 Roger Revisited (Hedgecock part 2)

March 2, 1989, page 34 Where the Hideous Meets the Insidious" (Horton Plaza)

Dec. 14, 1989, page 16 I, Santa (Meltzer plays Mr. Claus)

March 15, 1990, page 8 Housepets I've in All Likelihood Killed or Maimed

July 12, 1990 Too Carlsbad for Words

Nov. 1, 1990, page 10 Canvas City, Here I Come (books on boxing)

March 14, 1991 A Tale of Two CDs (Coltrane, Fugs, rock criticism)

Nov. 7, 1991, page 15 Sloppy Seconds (part of dumpster diving story)

May 7, 1992 Golf in the Age of Anxiety

July 30, 1992 Fade to Grey (author's health worries)

March 11, 1993, page 28 End without End (friendship, death, music)

Dec. 23, 1993, page 30 Meltzer Family Christmas Beer Bust

June 30, 1994, page 30 Slayer Planet (parting with records)

Dec. 15, 1994, page 36 Beat Lit Writ Large

March 16, 1995, page 46 Arnold, O.J., and the Brain from Planet Arous

May 4, 1995, page 38 Barfly (Charles Bukowski)

Sept. 21, 1995, page 40 Soundtrack for Reading My Novel

May 2, 2002, page 36 Autumn Rhythm (geezerhood)

Be sure to download the story to desktop and zoom in to read the text.

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