Patrick Daugherty

Patrick Daugherty writes Sporting Box — athletics with no gush. He wrote for the Berkeley Monthly before the Reader.

Some of his stories from the print archives:

May 3, 1990 Bum, Bummer, Bumming (how people act when you ask for spare change)

Aug. 13, 1992 Farewell, Nazi Harlot (a cursed second-hand Benz)

Dec. 1, 1994, page 32 What If We'd Been Named Edward? (author calls other Patrick Daughertys in the phone book)

June 15, 2000, page 40 Friends Called Him Bill (author's father)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.

Notable among Daugherty's digital stories are his contribution to the June 15, 2000 Father's Day issue and the Nov. 9, 2011 cover Work 10 weeks, take 10 months off (love affair with Alaska - pre-pipeline- a 3-part series)

Latest Articles

Heading to Carson? Check out these hot spots

Here is your invitation to join the San Diego Chargers in their new home city, 19 square miles of paradise, Carson, California! Clap your hands and give a big shout-out to 91,000 sports-loving Carsonites who ...

Destroyed cell phone reinflates deflate-gate

You didn’t read it here

Tom Brady and DeflateGate. It’s an eye-rolling, buzz-killing story that has been sucked dry by the national media. I don’t want to be associated with it, but would like to slip in one point, so ...

Golf is a full-time job

One month in

I’m sitting on a large, rust-flaked rock next to the VIP parking lot behind the Stonebrae Country Club in Hayward. One rock over is Xander Schauffele, 21, born and raised in San Diego. He starred ...

To pro golf’s horror, Zombie Tiger stays on the tour

97 weeks and counting

He’s interesting again. Which is a giant step up from embarrassment to humankind. Tiger Woods was the World Number 1 rated golfer for an unbelievable 683 weeks during his career. On July 5, 2015, Woods ...

Learn Latin or buy bicycle insurance? Hmm...

Call the cops. Get a lawyer.

It’s late in the afternoon, not quite dusk. I’m driving a Dodge pickup truck along a residential street I’ve driven over for 15 years. Up ahead is a stop light. I’ll make a left there, ...

Fifa president steps down — sort of

Big, big, boffo blockbuster

Critics are raving about United Passions, the sports movie of the year! This meticulously researched film is an unsentimental yet heartwarming biography of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa) and its cruelly slandered president, Joseph ...

Death on the links

It’s time to take golf seriously. I don’t mean as a sport. I don’t mean the tournaments or the country clubs or the ugly clothes. None of that. I’m talking about murder on the manicured ...

Sports and showbiz — a money-making machine

Sports and showbiz have merged into one seamless money-making machine. You can’t tell, with precision, where the line is that marks the boundary between one world and the other. Saying that, there is a tiny ...

Teams we love to hate

My favorite team is any team that’s playing the Niners.

Players change teams. Teams change stadiums. Teams change cities. Owners die. Owners sell. Teams are named. Teams are renamed. No matter what the change, fans continue to hate. At some point in a fan’s life ...

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