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Now you know: Flower Animals

Nineteen-year-old North Park native Gonzalo Meza recalls his garage-rock initiation: “I heard the White Stripes’ ‘Dead Leaves and Dirty Ground’ on my sister’s MP3 player in 2005. It sounded like nothing I’d ever heard. A ...

David Bowie at the Thrift Trader?

Whether or not drivers are visually disturbed by the strobe light punctuating Hirsch the Machine Hirsch’s performance, few of those passing the El Cajon Boulevard/30th Street intersection are likely to pin it to Thrift Trader’s ...

Tacocat's NVM

Never heard Tacocat before. First impressions of “Bridge to Hawaii”: (1) I’m getting impatient with the song’s two resounding opening guitar chords, cringing at the prospect of overdramatized, underwritten there going to be a ...

Yello aspirations

(Charles)Book&Record’s Zack Wentz and wife Shelby create a song using Yellofier (an app), part of a contest orchestrated by the band Yello.

The indelibly linked Greg Friedman

Truckee Brothers bassist Greg Friedman releases solo album Can’t Talk Now.

People, Hell and Angels, by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix has been dead 43 years – and continues to be represented by a seemingly infinite stream of releases. If his Age of Aquarius idealism has been muddied, he can’t be held accountable for ...

Vinyl exposure

Jason “Blackie” Blackmore set to release film titled Records Collecting Dust, mostly interviews with San Diegans talking about their record collections.

Creedle dreams

Performer/poet Jimmy Jazz publishes new edition of book titled Cadillac Tramps.

Foolish Blood by Two Hours Traffic

It’s embarrassing to admit I’ve never heard of a band that’s been around since 2002 — which convinces me its winsome sound transcends “noteworthy,” demanding “essential” status — unless that sound is so good that ...