Lisa Bruhn

Lisa Bruhn

I'm Lisa Bruhn and I confess, I love to explore! My curious nature drives me to seek opportunities to travel, explore new places, and meet new people. This passion was passed on from my father, a wanderer in his own right, also an astronomer, who still at age 82 has a burning desire to travel and explore.

Sometimes it's the intrigue of experiencing a new destination that hasn't made it yet on our list of places we've been, and sometimes it's returning to a favorite place to build new memories. These places can be 10 minutes away or 10 hours away — it's about the adventure and the journey more than it is about the destination itself.

I'm a storyteller and admire the power of the pen, the ability to share an experience, the sights, sounds, tastes, and special uniqueness of a place, people, culture — to inspire someone to want to go there and experience it for themselves. I liken it to the elder society of a tribe, passing along wisdom, in the tone of... Let me tell you about the unique fruit only found in South America, or the origin of the Toltec wisdom, or a historic cathedral and the dramatic stories inside its walls.

I've seen too many people complain their lives are boring, but I just can't understand how someone could be bored when there is so much out there to explore, see, and do. Carpe Diem!

Latest Articles

Defining BIG in Sequoia National Park

A six-hour drive from San Diego makes this a doable road trip.

I expected it to be colder here in January. I packed snow boots, hiking boots, three jackets, and two sweatshirts for the 36-hour trip. Usually, I pack light – only a small carry-on bag for ...

The magic of Salem, MA

A 40-minute drive and worthwhile day trip from Boston.

My first recollection with mystical powers was when I was 10 and my sister was attempting to cast a spell on our unsuspecting cat. The candles, chanting, and “brew” she was mixing had me intrigued. ...

De-stress in Borrego Springs

Visit for upcoming October fests, to stargaze, hike, camp - or just get away.

Stressed? “Take a big long deep breath in, and then slowly exhale out,” according to my yoga teacher. But for those of us who rush through life in a hyper-busy routine, there’s no time to ...

Digital detox in Julian

Unplug with this guide to the East County mountain town.

A digital detox vacation is one where you can’t get cellphone, satellite or internet service of any kind. Ok, I might've just sent you into a panic attack with this thought – so take a ...

I survived Carlsbad Village Faire

Nation's largest street fest attracts 100,000+.

Today I was a very brave person. Despite my inner voice telling me to stay home, give my busy self a relaxing day for a change, I put the leash on my dog and we ...

Oregon's Multnomah Falls

See this granddaddy cascade of the Cascades.

About an hour's drive outside of Portland, in the early morning sunrise, I had the pleasure of experiencing some of Northern Oregon’s most beautiful sights. When in Oregon, it's hard not to want to interact ...

The Allure of Paris: Eiffel Tower

PARIS! All the tour books, online research, talking with friends who have been there, and pre-trip planning don’t prepare you for the overwhelming feeling of immersion once arriving in Paris. On a recent business trip ...

Medieval Life in Winchester, England

William the Conqueror was a busy guy in 1066 after successfully invading and taking control of England. After being crowned king in London at Westminster Abbey, William immediately took control of the town of Winchester, ...

Three Nights and Three Pubs in London

My hotel, the Radisson Blu Portman, was in a good location just a few blocks from the high-end shopping area of Oxford and Regent streets. Weaving through the enchanting boroughs (the British word for neighborhood) ...

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