Justin Wolff

Son of Geoffrey Wolff, Justin wrote feature stories plus a weekly column on unusual websites (Sightseer) for the Reader from 1997 to 2006:

Nov. 26, 1998, page 20 Fad Mausoleum (Pet Rock, Rubik's Cube, Troll Doll, CB radio -a Sightseer column)

Feb. 10, 2000, page 20 Hundreds of Uses for Duct Tape (Sightseer column)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.

Latest Articles

She Gave More Than She Took

Judith was a ghost to me. She was present, but never corporeally. It strikes me as ironic that I never met her, considering that the body — her body — was one of her principal ...

Trigger Happy or Just Plain Happy?

Who is the real David Medina?

Dressed neatly in a white oxford cloth shirt with a blue pullover sweater, David Medina, a.k.a. “Happy,” pursed his lips and appeared to listen closely as Judge John Thompson handed down Medina’s sentence — nine ...

Interview with Oakley Hall

In 1953 Judy Garland made a splendid appearance at the opening reception for the Kentucky Derby. She was wearing a navy-blue, full-length coat; navy-blue, calfskin opera pumps with very high heels; white china beads; and ...

Does the Yukon attempt divers to death?

Bad luck in dark water

Tegner was ascending from an 85-foot dive when her air apparently ran out, forcing her to surface before she could complete her final decompression stop. A companion suggested to her that she stay in the boat.

Has Gaslamp Lived Up to Its Promise?

The Downtown Information Center, a service of the Centre City Development Corporation, occupies the ground-floor lobby at 225 Broadway. The center exhibits sketches and charts detailing the area's redevelopment. Its showpiece is a 200-square-foot model ...

Big Ears for Freedom

In the hot frequencies, the 800 megahertz band, one can hear all kinds of terrible things. Good people and bad people alike victimized by neighbors, lovers, drunk drivers, dogs, drugs, alcohol. On a Monday night ...

Leave Me Alone: San Diego's Goths

She was tall, blond, and, like almost everyone there that night, dressed in jet black. What she shouted at &mdash to be heard over the music &mdash hurt, but only for a second, like a ...

No Place for a Beer Party

A proposal to impose a 24-hour alcohol ban on San Diego beaches hit a temporary snag on January 24 when the city's Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee postponed action until early April. Although the ...

Something Fishy in Paranoia Bay

Despite a recent scolding, the city, some watchdogs say, continues to disrespect Mission Bay Park and those citizens who care about it. On April 18, you might remember, a San Diego County grand jury released ...

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