Jim Eichel

Jim Eichel went to medical school at UCSD in La Jolla and settled in the Bay Area as a family physician. He wrote about his experiences in the Reader as a doctor in the late 1990s, including:

March 20, 1997 Show Me Your Saphenous Vein, James

June 12, 1997, page 48 Tell Her the Old Lady Hasn't Got Much Time Left

Oct. 15, 1998, page 33 The Bad Ones Get Fired and the Good Ones Race for the Exit (good help is hard to find)

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Articles by Jim Eichel

If He Goes, I Go Too

It seemed as if everyone who worked at our local hospital knew Jake. A self-proclaimed “recovered hater of doctors,” he became a fixture, volunteering in the emergency room. The wisecracking 86-year-old’s wrinkled face, slumped shoulders, ...

If You Sue Me, I Can't Be Your Physician

“The pain is in my heart. I want you to send me to a heart specialist so that I can have an angiogram and have this taken care of right away.” Stephan’s deep, subdued tones, ...

Environment of Distrust

Patients get testy.

As I was completing my instructions to a diminutive 70-year-old Filipino gentleman with congestive heart failure, a knock at the door cut me short. “A patient is having a seizure.” Jo, a medical assistant with ...

Time on the Court

I have never thanked my father for one of the nicest and most difficult things he ever did for me, because until I thought of it just now, I didn’t realize he had done it, ...

What Happens When a Doctor Makes a Mistake

“She’s contracting every seven minutes and liquid is coming out.” It was a Sunday morning in early March, and I was the doctor on call for family practice and pregnancy-related matters. This call from a ...

No Cure for Chaos

I knew now that I couldn’t believe anything she had told me. Ever.

Cancer Isn't the Only Killer Stalking Randa

Randa’s blood pressure had risen again, and I needed to know why. An African-American police officer in her 40s and a single mother of three, Randa’s lips parted in a jovial smirk. “You really want ...

How UCSD Medical School Transformed a Young Man Into a Doctor

Show Me Your Saphenous Vein, James!

During the first year of my residency in family practice in Maine, I came home to Los Angeles for Christmas. The climate switch in the seven-hour cross-country journey, from minus 10 to 86 degrees, didn’t ...

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