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Stories by Jay Allen Sanford

All-girl bands: San Diego’s history of chick-rock groups

A selection of groundbreaking girls from the Local Music Database

Among the 3,700-plus band pages in the Reader’s Local Music Database, there are a surprising number of local-centric all-girl groups. Occasional Rugburn Gregory Page is actually the son of a member of one of the ...

Steam Powered Giraffe: Wired wrong

“We’re a musical pantomime troupe,” says Christopher “Bunny” Bennett of Steam Powered Giraffe. “Most know us as ‘those singing robots.’

Record-release roundup

The new year is kicking off with a herd of earworms, including the debut full-length from jazz-funk dancehall drifters Mafard, whose first single, “Finger Lickin’ Chicken Pickin’ Mexican,” has been stirring the controversy pot. An ...

Wizards, Horses, and Weisses: Local bands worth watching in 2014

Most recent pages added to the Local Music Database

While adding new and old ensembles to the Local Music Database (now containing over 3,700 band pages), we’ve come across some interesting new groups worth watching in 2014, Here are the top picks, followed by ...

Local venue report

Liquor mysteries, live stages closing, and new concert venues on the rise

Lots of changes happening 'round our town’s live venue circuit, not the least of which is the much lamented loss of Croce's downtown. Look for its newest incarnation in Bankers Hill, Croce's Park West, set ...

Kick out the jams

The Casbah is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month with a slate of local-centric reunions and all-star jams, and it’s hard to pick just one night worth showcasing. For my money, the January 17 Penetrators ...

Weird ride home

The roots of Drunkin’ Punkin’ Idiots (aka D.P.I.) go back to early 2002, when their original bassist and singer were both working at Pride, an O.B. surf shop. In short order, their debut self-titled CD ...

America’s Finest Christmas songs

If you’re going to be in sunny San Diego for Christmas, here’s a playlist of local-centric holiday tunes. The newest, “Please Santa,” was just released as a free download from Flaggs, a relatively new ensemble ...

More local bands with similar names

Most-used phrases among 3600 San Diego band names

Among the 3600 or so San Diego band names we’ve chronicled over the years, certain key phrases seem most popular. Some are understandable, like 19 with “west” in their names (look at our locale) and ...

Record-release roundup

Blues-rocker Laurel Sorenson will debut her See What You Got EP with a free all-ages concert on December 20 at Seaweed and Gravel, an Encinitas motorcycle/vintage clothing/surf shop. Attendees are asked to bring a new, ...

San Diego supergroups invade the Local Music Database

New ensembles mixing and matching players from established bands

The most recent band pages in the Local Music Database include several new “supergroups,” mixing up players from established — and mostly still extant — ensembles. Jack City Blues Band plays boogie, jump, swing, and ...

Chasing Gregory Page

“The moment I came to San Diego, when I asked about making an album of music, Gregory Page was the man everyone remembered,” says singer/songwriter Tom Brosseau, whose upcoming album, Grass Punks, includes a song ...

Prog-rock on the prairie

“It’s a concept album, with a storyline that goes with the music,” says Chapman Stick player Tom Griesgraber, whose newest collaboration with Bert Lams (California Guitar Trio), Unnamed Lands, is a prog-rock western set in ...

Getting to know Jaws of Terror, Alley Cat Street, Champ, and more

New bands in the Local Music Database

These are the most recent band pages in the Local Music Database, including old acts newly added and brand new ensembles. Jaws of Terror is fronted by Leighton Koizumi, who first came to local notice ...

Ten best Frank Zappa albums for people who think they hate Zappa

A beginner’s guide to the one-time Grossmont High/Mission Bay High music star

A lot of my friends, including/especially those with musical tastes as refined and open-minded as my own, say they’re baffled by my love for the music of Frank Zappa. However, once a discussion starts revealing ...

Local bands with same (or similar) names

Browsing the Local Music Database, you’ll see that our fine(st) city has several same-or-similar named bands. Entre-P, aka Alvin "Entre-P" Shamoun, is a Rancho San Diego hip-hop artist (not to be confused with fellow San ...

To Zak, by John Lennon

Zach Goode, formerly of Ghoulspoon, now fronting Secret Seven, tells the story of sending away for a John Lennon autograph before he was shot to death. The envelope came back in the mail — with the autographed photo — days after Lennon was assassinated.

New This Week in the Local Music Database

3600 San Diego bands, 8900 musicians, 3700 albums, and more

The Reader’s Local Music Database includes profiles, discographies, music, and concert dates for over 3,600 San Diego bands, all searchable by name, genre, etc, covering the music of our city from the 1940s through this ...

Record-release roundup

Prog-influenced electronic trio Hanging From the Rafters will play their debut album Box of Songs at the release party slated for Wednesday, November 27, at Tin Can Ale House in Bankers Hill. “All the songs ...

Trumpeter C-Money talks Batman, public office, and vodka and grape juice

Social music.

“Why not let the good news be heard just as much as we freak out about whatever witch-hunt the media is onto today?”

New & noteworthy San Diego Bands

These are the most recent bands added to the Local Music Database: Hitmakers, with a sound falling somewhere between punk, pop, and new wave, were one of the earliest San Diego punk bands, circa late ...

Poor me...some coffee

Singer/guitarist Jonny Cuz of Se Vende says his band recently did their first gig in two years because he and bassist Collin Smith were in jail. And they’re recovering addicts. The future is bright.

New This Week: Recent Additions to the Local Music Database

Most recent entries among over 3600 local bands and 8900 musicians

Here are the newest (and sometimes oldest) bands to be added to the Reader’s Local Music Database [], which includes profiles, discographies, MP3s, and concert dates for over 3,600 San Diego bands and more than ...

Bunny call

“We all had ‘Dick’ names, too,” recalls Nino Del Pesco of his onetime Snuggle Bunnies bandmate Dan McLain, aka Country Dick Montana. “It was a real wild time, especially at the Spring Valley Inn on ...

Greg's mantra

Guitarist goes zen in Escondido on November 3

“They’re like the Led Zeppelin of mantra music, an extraordinary group of musicians who have accepted me into their musical world, despite all evidence being against it,” says Lake Hodges guitarist Greg Douglass of his ...

Scott Samuels takes a Fall

New solo EP dropping in Leucadia on November 2

“It’s about falling for someone and falling out of romance,” says former Roxy Dioxide singer/guitarist Scott Samuels of his solo EP The Fall, which drops this week. “It tells the story of a shallow L.A. ...

Record-release roundup

Bassist/composer Mark Dresser will debut his CD Nourishments at Dizzy’s in P.B. on October 25, where he’ll perform with his West Coast Quintet. The CD’s long-distance musical collaborations were achieved via telematics, which allows artists in different locations to perform together using high-speed, high-bandwidth internet connections. True story. Just one in this month’s San Diego record-release roundup.

Salty skin

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and Emily Drew’s new EP, The Finer Things, reflect the struggles and happiness resultant of a life lived.

Seasons of life

Therapist-songsmith Christine Parker’s Looking Glass LP includes songs spanning a 13-year period. “Each song served as a mirror, reflecting back to me who I was and what was happening in that moment.”

Record-release roundup

On Thursday, September 26, at Tin Can Ale House, singer Joanie Mendenhall will launch Vanishing Point, featuring five new songs and two reconstituted cuts, recorded live in the studio with her longtime drummer Tyler Ward, ...

What happens in Amsterdam...

Neil Diamond impersonator David J. Sherry recently did a European tour that included a scary plane landing and Amsterdam — “What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam,” he says.

I'm in Guns 'N Roses (and Mudgrass)

One of the guys in Mudgrass says Facebook is “a massive waste of time.” Another guy says he rode a bicycle in Manhattan for almost ten years. Geniuses all!

Pointed toes and pompadours

Formerly of Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs, drummer/singer Chris Giorgio talks about his piggish past and new Farm Jazz EP. Oink!

Black Market Blinn

Black Market III's Black Roses hooks up blues roots and "the stories of today."

Nathan Fox's free puzzle

Local songsmith Nathan Fox explores cabaret bop on this year's I'm All Done EP.

Record-release roundup

Jazzy hip-hoppers Lyrical Groove will perform their debut full-length Spoken Soul on August 31 at Block 16 Union and Spirits on Seventh Avenue downtown, with other acts to include Geminelle, Presto, and Sound Collage Musik. ...

Gray vs. Grey

The John Hull Band’s Shades of Gray CD debuts August 25

“We didn’t win, but looking back at that performance and all the stars that have played on that stage, it’s still pretty exciting,” says John Hull of his band making the Musicpalooza 2009 finals at ...

Agave: A gathering of juggalos

‘We want our albums and live shows to have the diversity of a jukebox” says Tony Goncalves, who fronts the salsa-tinged jam band Agave. “You never know what we’re going to play next, but it’s ...

Homegrown hit

Paul Cannon rewrites his “Homegrown” tune for the Padres. “The song has been released as a single [and] we have an instrumental version, karaoke version, ringtone, and a full-length available.”

Sound clash

Reggae may seem forgotten in San Diego, but it’s not. Upcoming shows and DJ acts prove it.

Record-release roundup

The release party for Shiva Trash’s new seven-inch happens at Til Two in City Heights on Friday, July 26, with Northern Tigers, the Natives, and California 666 also playing sets. The same day will see ...

Void evolution

A history of the clubs that have inhabited 3519 El Cajon Boulevard since 2001 (Little Equity, Zombie Lounge, Silver Dragon).

Comic-Con musical companion

Rundown of music-related attractions at this year’s Comic-Con International.

Get well cards can be sent to...

Rundown of musicians — national acts and locals — who have recently had bouts with ill health.

Geezer never gets old

Adam Gimbel of Geezer (a geriatric Weezer spoof band) talks about an upcoming gig at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall.

The Material on harsh realities and silver linings

Interview with the Material, a San Diego band that started about five years ago and is often compared to Paramore due to their rock sound and frontwoman.

Band ch-ch-ch-changes

Band lineup changes are as common as busted guitar strings, but several local ensembles have undergone nearly complete personnel changeovers. “The entire band was fired by the singer who founded the band,” says Subliminal Trip ...

Record-release roundup

The Touchies’ release party for Mess with the Unicorn, Get the Horn happens June 20 at the Casbah, on a bill that includes Dirty Sirens and Chica Diabla. With its first single “Freak Time” now ...

Tolan Shaw's home turf

Interview with Encinitas resident Tolan Shaw, who’s releasing his first album, inspired by a seven-and-a-half-month-long trip to South and Central America.

Accidental Bachelor: A perfect vessel

Interview with author Tim Holsten about his book The Accidental Bachelor, which touches on San Diego’s ’80s scene and pop culture.

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