James Michael Dorsey

James Michael Dorsey
James Michael Dorsey is an explorer, author, and photographer who has traveled to 44 countries. Most of his journeys are far off the beaten path, to record indigenous cultures.

His first book is Tears, Fear and Adventure, and his second book, Dancing with Dinosaurs is scheduled for a 2013 release. He is a contributor to the the Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Perceptive Travel, and Wavelength magazine. He has had features in BBC Wildlife, Natural History, Wend, Sea Kayaker, Ocean, and International Living magazines. His work has appeared in the TravelersTales book series, in addition to Wild Moments, the Seattle Times, Orlando Sentinel, and L.A. Weekly newspapers. He is a five-time SOLAS category award winner for “Best Travel Writing.” Published in Canada, England, Japan, China, Dubai, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

He is a regular contributor to the inflight magazines of Air Uganda, Air Nigeria, and Seychelles Airlines. His photos have been used by the National Wildlife Federation, Ocean Conservancy, International Cetacean Society, California Gray Whale Coalition, and the International Whaling Commission. His photos were twice chosen as Kodak Internationals “Photo of the Day.” He has appeared on National Public Radio’s “Weekend America" and is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and former director of the Adventurers Club.

You can find his website at: jamesdorsey.com.

Latest Articles

Journey to ground zero: Hiroshima, Japan

Stepping off the bullet train into a cold Hiroshima morning, we could sense the past. My wife Irene and I became immersed in its history by chance. A journey through New Mexico took us to ...

Ringing of the bells: St. Petersburg, Russia

More than famous names in one of the city's historical treasures.

Cemeteries have always fascinated me, and I have visited them all over the world. On a recent trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia, I visited the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Founded in 1710, it contains some of ...

The Maasai: East Africa's ambassadors

This culturally rich tribe holds the key to what Africa's all about.

There are some images so iconic, they're forever associated with a particular place. Certainly among the foremost would be the Maasai and East Africa. More than any other tribal culture, the Maasai embody both the ...

Tanzania: the Stone Age lives

James Dorsey visits the Hadzabe tribe.

The diversity of cultural groups in Africa is unrivaled by any other continent. In East Africa, Kenya and Tanzania alone can boast close to 200 different tribal groups. The East African sites of Olduvai Gorge ...

Siem Reap: my gift in the jungle

Once-in-a-life experience off the tourist track.

I've always found travel to be its own reward, but on rare occasions it also gifts some of us with a life-altering experience. While visiting friends in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I hired a tuk-tuk driver ...

Faith at Lima's witches market

Sometimes the power of belief is the most important part of a medical treatment. At the witches' market in Lima, Peru, the curanderos gather in early morning, setting up their stalls and hanging their banners. ...

Flying like a bird in the Mojave

Glider flight at Southern California Flying Academy.

The Air Force prayer has a line that goes, "I slipped the surly bonds of earth and touched the face of God." That’s pretty heady stuff – but the next time you're feeling trapped by ...

Randsburg, CA: a living ghost town

Gold Rush–era relic just three hours north of San Diego.

If you're a fan of Westerns, at one time or another you've seen one filmed in Randsburg, where the spirit of the old West is alive and thriving just three hours' drive from San Diego. ...

California's castle in the sand

The historic Scotty's Castle in Death Valley National Park.

When castles and California are mentioned in conversation, Hearst Castle, which dominates a stretch of Central Coast skyline, usually comes to mind. You might be surprised to learn that a less opulent but even more ...

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