Eleanor Widmer

Eleanor Widmer reviewed restaurants for the Reader from 1974 through 2000.

She wrote occasional feature stories, the most notable of which was "Slow Fall from Foxhill" (an interview with Michael Copley). Widmer was hitchhiking on Mt. Soledad and was picked up by Michael, James Copley's son from a previous marriage, who was suing Helen Copley, the current owner of the San Diego Union.

She also wrote a notable story about John Vietor, founder of San Diego Magazine: "Mr. Jello Will See You Now."

To read stories from the pre-2004 archives, be sure to save the pdf on your desktop.

After Widmer died in 2005, fellow Reader writer Jeannette DeWyze wrote a cover story about Widmer titled The Late Long-time Queen of Cafe Critics.

Widmer's novel about an immigrant family, Up from Orchard Street was published in March, 2006.

Articles by Eleanor Widmer

Blubbo's World

Reader writers and other friends remember Steve Esmedina.

Esmo’s phone manner was so hugger-mugger that I could be sitting four feet away and could not make out a single word. For all I could tell, he might have been laying fifty on a pony.

Student Steve

He stood in the back of my class and followed me around UCSD campus.

During the early ’70s, the war in Vietnam created upheaval at universities across the country. ucsd, where I taught, was no exception. Dissenters organized rallies in Revelle Plaza, committees of students met with deans to ...

The Man Who Loved to Dress Women

He consigned my clothes to the flames.

“Never put a rat on your back.” I was five years old, hurtling through the subway station in New York, on the way to the garment district with my father when he gave me my ...

My Adult Card

I read my first novel at the age of seven, after which the printed word became my obsession. In the ghetto where we lived, the public library was endowed by Andrew Carnegie; to get to ...

A.K.A. Nightingale

To sing oneself to sleep in Yiddish

I don’t know whether insomnia is programmed in the DNA, but my grandmother, my father, and I all had sleeping problems. From earliest childhood, say by the age of five, I would wake in the ...

The story I wanted to write... but didn't

Sandy and a girlfriend had gone into a liquor store, robbed the clerk, They locked the clerk in a walk-in cooler. Sandy started feeling bad about the guy. She went back and let him out.

Encounters With Carl Rogers

The patriarch of the Me Generation feels just fine

Everyone in the room was divorced or separated, except for one woman who explained how and why she and her husband didn't communicate. The man on the floor said he liked her and felt good about her.

Mr. Jello Will See You Now

John Vietor, founder of San Diego Magazine

“It has been brought to my attention by numerous friends that in the November issue there was scant mention of my contribution to San Diego Magazine

Slow Fall from Foxhill

Estrangement of Michael Copley from the San Diego Union-Tribune's Helen Copley

On the days when the family station wagon wasn't available, he was deposited at the first grade in Miss Balmer's School (later named La Jolla Country Day) by a chauffeur driving a Cadillac limousine. As ...

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