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Bass fishing not the same

Try your tricks at Lower Otay Reservoir this Saturday

Since the advent of the plastic sit-on-top kayak and the internet, anglers have posted shots of their catches, forgetting that the background might hold secrets. Plus, there’s the explosion of information on rigging, technique, and ...

Lucifer keeps them in the slips

Lowest weekly angler count in years

The strongest so far in a series of Pacific storms, aptly named Lucifer, slammed into southern California Friday, shutting down the sportfishing fleet and keeping local anglers on not-so-dry land. High winds built seas up ...

Outrigger canoes for newbies

This is a watersport.

That I haven’t been in an outrigger canoe doesn’t mean I haven’t wished for one. I remember when my first two-piece paddle snapped while “digging in” (paddling hard) a couple miles off La Jolla in ...

413-pound yellowfin tuna caught

Could world record be beaten this year?

A 413-pound yellowfin tuna was caught by angler Kevin Boyle of West Hills about 15 miles off Tres Marias Islands aboard the Constitution during a three-and-half-day trip out of Puerto Vallarta. Several other large fish ...

San Salvador for lovers

Sweetheart of a cruise

In 1542 from a 100-foot Spanish galleon carrying officers, crew, slaves, a priest, and the ship’s captain, explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, landed in San Diego Bay near Point Loma. They were the first Europeans to ...

First bluefin tuna of the season reported off Colonet

Fish are biting off the Baja coast.

On February 4, the first bluefin tuna of the year was landed aboard the Eclipse at Colonet. It was reported as a small 15-pounder though signs are good for another epic season for the hard-fighting ...

Check-box blacksmiths and the Black Smiths

Either way, rest assured, contemporary blacksmithing is a thing.

Dear Hipster: I was reading that column you did a while back about hipster baby names, and I had an idea. You know how some names are basically supergeneric white-guy names? I mean, here’s looking ...

Mission Bay marsh opens the chain-link fence — for a day

Love your wetlands on February 4

What is now the Kendall-Frost marsh reserve at the northeast corner of Mission Bay Park was acquired by the city and set aside in 1965. Since then, the De Anza Cove trailer park, Campland on ...

January Harbor Patrol highlights

Fishy fisherman arrested, hostage situation at Kona Kai

January 1 HP responded to a subject who had a dizzy spell and crashed his bicycle into the bay next to the Star of India Ship. A HP diver and vessel unit retrieved him from ...

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