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Ian Anderson's Homo Erraticus

Ian Anderson’s second solo album since quietly deep-spacing the Jethro Tull band moniker, and to boot his third excursion into his avatar Gerald Bostock, a child prodigy turned troubled adult. Only this time Bostock mostly ...

Potluck with Tori Amos

“I usually am backstage furiously learning something before I walk on.”

Unraveling the Lovebirds

“Not sure if there was a specific point. Just like loads of kind of gradually happens before your eyes but when the time came it seemed to come from nowhere.” That’s Lindsay White, half ...

Dizzy for Neruda

San Diego jazz guitarist and singer Chuck Perrin admits that he wasn’t initially transfixed by the poetry of Pablo Neruda. “I do not speak Spanish,” he explains, “[so] I didn’t really come to appreciate the ...

People just call me "Lee Fields"

Soul-funk cooker brings his Memphis stew to Casbah Monday night

Lee Fields, bringing his stomp-down soul funk revue to the Casbah on June 30, doesn’t so much mind being called “Little JB” — in homage to James Brown, in whose shadow all soul-funk revues do ...

More on the midway

They’re a working band. But they’re still in high school. They’re coming to the San Diego County Fair this year. Twice. And, they are not afraid to bossa nova. Half Moon Portrait, with guitarist/singers Ari ...

Devo from the ground up

“We were self-effacing metrosexual Yoni worshipers who always left our hotel rooms clean.”

Forged in the horror of the Kent State shootings, bolstered with bracing irony and a handful of religious and pseudoscientific screeds, Devo (short for “de-evolution”) took showmanship, synthesizers, and science fiction to the masses. They’re ...

Guided by amp buzz

Dayton, Ohio’s Guided by Voices burst onto the indie scene in 1994, though obsessives and the faithful will note that they’d been together 11 years by that point. After decades of chaos and ever-shifting lineups, ...

John Newman's Tribute

John Newman’s debut opens with a slow string section, a voice that sounds like the singer reading out great acts of ages past, and an electronically whirl-winded “Crystal,” from the AT&T Natural Voices® synthesized voice ...

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