Abe Opincar

Abe Opincar wrote for the Reader for nearly 25 years, and is the author of Fried Butter: A Food Memoir.

Some of his early stories are available in the Reader archives:

Feb. 4, 1988 The Doctor Is Dead (author tries to find his shrink)

Feb. 11, 1988, page 16 In this Long Dream (Calif. New Age and Nazis)

Feb. 25, 1988, page 16 Tijuana, Mi Amor

Sept. 15, 1988, page 10 A Summer Night's Fever Dream (parody of Mayor O'Connor's night as homeless person in Balboa Park)

Nov. 3, 1988, page 10 Standing in the Shadow of Love (interviews with pedophiles)

July 2, 1992, page 26 Sunlight Offers No Favors to Fat Boys (part of summer issue)

Dec. 17, 1992, page 50 Heart of Darkness (abused by Susan Sontag)

April 15, 1993 Love Is the Drug (ecstasy users)

Aug. 19, 1993 Speak, Memory (Dale Akiki case of supposed child molestation)

Oct. 10, 1996, page 38 The Bride Wore Black Linen (author marries famous writer)

Feb. 12, 1998, page 16 Sheep and Goats (Horizon Christian Fellowship)

May 4, 2000, page 24 Tip of My Tongue: Turkey Burgers (divorce)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.

Articles by Abe Opincar

Surreal Estate

A typical conversation went like this: “Excuse me, do you offer home mortgages?” “Well, yes.” She seems startled. “What sort of customers borrow from your bank?” “People who have no other choice.” On April 25, ...


That she was at least 20 years my senior never mattered.

"Execrable." And... "You sound like a fluttering dilettante." There were many more in a similar vein. I have all her editorial comments saved somewhere on the jittery hard drive of my old computer. The two ...

There Is One God

San Diego Sikhs run into trouble - on Miramar Road, at Charger games.

Sikhs don’t engage in door-to-door pamphleteering and they don’t broadcast television or radio commercials promoting their faith.

The Kids Are All Right

An introduction to the pygmy scene.

Dori Lowell, business manager for the National Pygmy Goat Association based in Snohomish, Washington, says, "People who love pygmy goats come from all walks of life, but they're usually animal lovers who've had some exposure ...

Out of Africa

Refugees tell of persecution in Uganda, war in Liberia

In the office where I met David Omen Acana II, paramount chief of the 800,000-member Acholi tribe in northern Uganda, a large color photograph of two hippos hung on the wall behind him. The animals, ...

Why Not the Red, White, And Blue?

San Diego immigrants not forced to come here

"I thought I had come into hell. Van Nuys was so hot. I mean, God. And at that time I was naughty: I smoked. And I thought, 'How can anybody have a cigarette in this ...

Don't Look Now

Abduction and murder at T.J.’s Camp Campestre

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult not to stare at ten men dressed in black who brandished submachine guns. Under normal circumstances, ten men dressed in black who brandished submachine guns would be the ...

American Interests

The foreign service ten minutes from San Diego.

When Dean Haas considers his career so far, he describes its most emotionally difficult period as a two-week "hostage situation" involving a group of Americans "who'd gone to look for Noah's ark." There was, of ...

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