News Under the Radar

Liberals spending

Saldaña’s bid got five-figured financial help

Former Democratic state assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, who has left the party and become an independent, came in third to mayor Kevin Faulconer and Democrat Ed Harris in this year’s race for San Diego mayor. The ...

Mexico is off limits

Not your Zumwalt’s Navy

It’s almost summer, time for “Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen West, 2016,” hosted by the Navy in San Diego for the latest crop of Annapolis midshipmen, who are being advised to avoid trouble during ...

Women in politics

Cori Schumacher and Mara Elliott in the news

Former liberal Democratic House member Barney Frank of Massachusetts was set to host a June 18 $500-a-person fundraiser for Cori Schumacher, the one-time world longboard surfing champion currently running for city council in Carlsbad. “In ...

Being served, unforgettable

Electronics forensics enter the battle of the universities

The costly legal battle between UCSD and the University of Southern California over a disputed Alzheimer’s Disease research program that could ultimately be worth billions of dollars in pharmaceutical patents, may come down to a ...

Sheriff tripping

Another county employee gets a free trip to Israel

A San Diego sheriff’s department commander is the latest county employee to partake of a free trip to Israel courtesy of the Anti-Defamation League. Investigations honcho Peter Callewaert ran up a $5627 tab going to ...

Wendy Walker spills the scandals

It’s Notorious

The star of one of Rancho Santa Fe’s messiest divorces is taking her tales to network television as the creator of a new ABC series aptly called Notorious. “It’s the thrill of a lifetime, said ...

No radioactive threat, just a big mess

This way out

Downtown’s Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel has just gotten rid of 70 radioactive “self-luminous exit signs,” according to an inventory sent to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “Exit signs that glow in the dark often contain a ...

Rep. Peters gets his hands dirty, figuratively

Sweat equity

Super-rich Democratic congressman Scott Peters of La Jolla has gotten up close and personal for some dirty work with a wealthy Mission Valley hotel owner. The meet-up came at the newly opened Holiday Inn Express ...

TV ethics

Tardy disclosure filings

A star political analyst on KNSD, KUSI, and other spots around San Diego’s television news dial has been taken to task by the city’s ethics commission for being repeatedly late to disclose his lobbying activities. ...

Dine in ambiance and luxury

And raise some money for the Democrats

Two members of San Diego’s Democratic congressional delegation have been picking up some big-money love from a controversial Washington DC lobbyist tied to the real estate development business. First it was La Jolla’s Scott Peters, ...

Johnny Brown’s out

The city intends to class up the joint

Downtown Johnny Brown’s, whose location across the San Diego Concourse from City Hall made it a dingy watering hole for San Diego city hall politicos, folded earlier this year. Now the site is up for ...

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