News Under the Radar

The County of San Diego leaps into print

Merits must be extolled

The County of San Diego, which already operates a high-dollar video news operation to extoll its merits, now wants to leap into print. According to an October 16 request for quotation posted online, the county’s ...

Fabiani splits with Lehane

The man San Diego fans love to hate

Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani has finally split the business with his longtime Bill Clinton–era sidekick Chris Lehane, the similarly combative political and PR consultant whose 2013 movie Knife Fight about the rough-and-tumble business of ...

Spanos looks to maximize the Chargers

Los Angeles means wheeling and dealing with wealthy Democrats

Word that soon-to-retire Walt Disney Company chief executive Bob Iger is in line for similar duties with the Chargers if the organization is green-lighted by the NFL to head for Los Angeles marks yet another ...

Flying first class? Better have a note from your doctor.

UCSD’s ailing ethics

UCSD’s ailing ethics When a purportedly sick UCSD professor and his researcher assistant fly first class with taxpayer money, auditors may later ask to see the prescription. So says a recently released University of California ...

Christina Chadwick has more than a friend at city hall

Relatively speaking

Christina Chadwick, vice president of communications at the Downtown San Diego Partnership, an outfit that lobbies for center city business and development interests, has more than a friend at city hall. Husband Scott Chadwick is ...

Juan Vargas, international hipster

Thanks to repeated free trips to Germany

Congressman Juan Vargas and his staff are getting ever more familiar with Germany, thanks to repeated free trips there provided by the German Marshall Fund of the United States and Robert Bosch Stiftung, two big ...

Sempra’s generosity

The best Italian cuisine in Brentwood, anyone?

The Constitution posits a barrier between church and state, but in California nothing can keep politicians and Sempra lobbyists apart, judging by the giant utility’s recent disclosure of its third quarter lobbying activities. On July ...

Atkins throws bash for cash

Team Toni will turn out

Ex-Assembly speaker Toni Atkins, now running against fellow Democrat Marty Block for state senate, has set her first big-money fundraiser. Already flush with cash, the termed-out assemblywoman is throwing a November 18 bash at the ...

From Caltrans employee to Caltrans contractor

Revolving door

Escondido’s James M. McManus ­ was employed as deputy district director of construction in the San Diego–based District 11 office of Caltrans before leaving the payroll this summer. ­­Is he permanently banned from lobbying for ...

Point Loma Nazarene stalker report

At least none of the offenders were students

The threat of crime has increasingly become a way of life at San Diego universities, as evidenced by their annual campus security reports required to be filed each fall under federal law. Latest to check ...

Good for the gander?

This time the shoes are on the feet of Michael Hansen

Even a staffer for Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer, uber-champion of the big-money real estate industry, can turn out to be a NIMBY, the acronym for “not in my backyard” used derisively by the mayor’s wealthy ...

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