News Under the Radar

Mayor’s office not so transparent

Free information

San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer proclaimed a new era in transparency when he recently rolled out a new automated way for the public to request records previously hidden away in the dark warrens of city ...

SDPD would like permission to access your cameras

False sense of security

A low-profile, high-tech plan by San Diego police to tap into the feeds of private video surveillance cameras across the city has so far managed to corral five participants, according to documents released following a ...

As thick as thieves

Ignoring the revolving door law

San Diego’s political merry-go-round of big-money influence-peddling never stops. Ex–Republican assemblyman and onetime mayor of Anaheim Curt Pringle, known as one of Orange County’s most powerful politicos in recent memory, has been making the rounds ...

The cost of voter approval

Shepard’s cow pie

How much does it cost a well-heeled San Diego developer to obtain voter approval for controversial North County real estate ventures? In the case of Accretive Investments, would-be builder of 1700-house Lilac Hills Ranch, a ...

Revolving lobbyist

Tony Young eyes supervisors seat

Ex–San Diego city councilman Tony Young, said to be interested in running for the county board of supervisors seat held by termed-out Ron Roberts, has been pulling in lots of cash as a city hall ...

To China

Have campaign cash, will travel

Republican county supervisor Ron Roberts, who will finally be departing his job in two years because of term limits, has found another way to use leftover campaign cash from his last run for the board ...

Microtrenching threatens city streets

Will Google get what it wants?

High-tech giant Google, Inc., all over the corridors of San Diego power in its quest to build a new fiber-optic communications system in the city, has been pulling out all the stops, an influence-peddling disclosure ...

Utah’s spousal San Diego freebies

Free spending was uncovered

A July 20 audit of the Utah Local Governments Trust by Utah’s state auditor tells the tale. Trustees, who oversee an insurance co-op for municipalities and other government entities, have been running amok with public ...

Influence peddling

The ethics of the ethics commission

San Diego’s ethics commission, its enforcement count already falling like a rock, has come under fire by the county grand jury for being overly subject to political influence. In 2012, according to the grand jury’s ...

Chamber of politics

From city hall to big business

The revolving door between San Diego’s city hall and big business spins on under mayor Kevin Faulconer, with Republican aide Jaymie Bradford heading off to become vice president of public policy and economic research for ...

San Diego wants more optic fiber

Google it

Google Fiber, which is negotiating behind closed doors with San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer over the terms of possible high-speed internet system here to compete with cable operators and AT&T, has signed on the international ...

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