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The pregnant worker dilemma

Workplace discrimination comes in many forms, from the subtlest type of excluding some affected employees in work discussions to blatant racism and ageism. It’s nothing new and broad efforts over several decades at the state ...

Work without stress

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Imagine a job that doesn’t stress you out. Imagine a gig where people are almost always nice to you and they appreciate everything that you do for them. Now imagine leaving work each week, paycheck ...

Work in the woods

The Forest Service and National Parks are hiring

Blake Kraus, a graduate of UCSD and Kearny Mesa High, spends his days working amongst some of the tallest trees in the world in Sequoia National Park searching for clues on how to keep the ...

Corps values

Urban corps turns tough cases into success stories

Geneva Karwoski explains how Urban Corps can help you get work ready. What is Urban Corps? Urban Corps is a certified local conservation corps and WASC-accredited charter high school that offers young adults a chance ...

Go find some paperclips

You and your employer value your skills differenty

One of my first tasks in my first job was to scrounge paper clips from throughout my newspaper plant so my paper clip-dependent department would have enough for the entire week. Paper clips were essential, ...

The biggest mistake people make on their résumés

Kim Mohiuddin is a nationally certified résumé writer, president of both and Authentic Executive Careers, and Certification Chair for the National Résumé Writers’ Association. Why don’t you start by telling me exactly what you ...

A little extra on Sunday

Is a job in ministry for you?

Martin Arnold of Oceanside set out to become a big-time computer programmer, but quit school a month before graduating to become a youth pastor in Ghana. His parents were disappointed and his girlfriend was surprised, ...

Socially engaged, socially adept

Young workers value employers’ online reputations

Whoever said recession is the mother of invention was right. Or, they would have been, had anyone ever said that. That’s because the latest recession to hit the economy of the United States has left ...

Time rescued

New product answers the question, “Where did the day go?”

Joe Hruska, founder of RescueTime, explains how you can become more efficient in your job search or job upgrade process. First, please tell me about RescueTime. What’s the story behind it? RescueTime began as a ...

Help yourself to a job in hospitality

The vacancy sign for jobs at hotels, resorts and on cruise ships across the country is blinking bright right now. There’s no better time to make a reservation for an interview in the travel and ...

People love people

Survey shows how much workers value co-workers

What do you love most about your work? That’s a simple question, but you might be surprised that far-and-away the thing people love most about their work is the people they work with. They still ...

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