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An app called Get the Job

Cell phone application teaches job interview technique

When Tiffany Gibson of Ohio completed her master’s degree in business management from Indiana Wesleyan, she figured a well-paying job would pretty much fall into her lap. It didn’t. “I figured I was that person ...

The nature of the swap meet

Need extra money? Anthony Pretto invites you to sell your wares at Kobey’s Swap Meet. Tell me about the swap meet. Kobey’s Swap Meet was founded in 1976 by my grandfather Monte. It started with ...

Put a pink mustache on your car

...and make a little money giving rides

Emily Moberly says you, too, can use your car to make a little extra money. What is Lyft? Lyft is a better alternative to a cab! It’s your “friend with a car” as they say ...

An environment I love to be in

The case for co-working

Living the life of an at-home professional can be daunting. While the perception of telecommuting is a pleasant one that evokes images of coffee house visits and sitting behind a computer while wearing flannel pajamas ...

It’s heaven to heal a horse

The life of a veterinarian.

Animals — they’re everywhere. Grumpy cats, silly puppies, bunnies, horses and kittens. They appear on TV, the Internet, and in homes. They’re dang cute, but who will take care of your cat when she can’t ...

Active pursuit of happiness

Author Henry S. Miller explains why happiness may have everything to do with the success of your job search. How did you become so interested in happiness? When I read one of the very first ...

Live the dream

You can make a living in the great outdoors

Jeremy Dawson spent two years attending UCSD before he dropped out to be a mountain guide. His parents, while not thrilled with the prospect of their son climbing mountains for a living, gave their blessing. ...

A ton of free sessions

To start a photography business

My friend Tim is a dreamer. Every other week he has a new career. Six months ago, he dropped 2K on a camera bundle with the goal of becoming a professional photographer. That camera is ...

Flexibility Stigma

UCSD study sees envy among 9-to-5ers

Recent trends toward allowing employees more flexible work schedules to care for children or address other life needs may be backfiring, according to a new study jointly published by Rice University and UC San Diego. ...


San Diegans make money on the photo-sharing site

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app popular with selfie-taking teenagers, has become something unexpected — a shopping site. Now, instead of merely following your favorite celebrities, friends, and family members, you can follow hip boutiques that ...

Big hearts wanted

Eric Wray, human resources and operations manager at Noah Homes, might have a job for you. First, please tell me about Noah Homes. Noah Homes is a Catholic organization serving all faiths, whose mission is ...

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