Three poems by Scott T. Starbuck

Co-creative writing coordinator at Mesa College

The Art of Denial If you ignore a thorn in your hand it will go away but first the hand gets infected, swells, turns coal-purple, and sometimes parts must be amputated to save what remains. ...

Three Poems by Thomas Gray

Considered something of a “one-hit wonder”

On the Death of Richard West In vain to me the smiling Mornings shine, And reddening Phœbus lifts his golden fire; The birds in vain their amorous descant join; Or cheerful fields resume their green ...

Three poems by Stephen Milne

First volume of poems, Moorings, due this year

Bouzincourt The woods are full of the sound of birds and the doors of every village shuttered to the sun. In lingering fields of wheat, white crosses burn: the names of all our dead are ...

Two poems by Annabelle Moseley

2014 Long Island Poet of the Year

Planting at Your Grave It is warm for November and the earth is dry and brittle, starved for flowers. I have to claw at the grass, pull it back by the hair trek back and ...

Two poems by Charles Hughes

Lawyer turned poet

Arthur and Guenevere in the Dark It’s possible she loves him less today Than yesterday. Could be he’s changed. Could be He’s failed to. Maybe — hypothetically — She’s been transported by another love. He ...

Two poems by Tim Eddy

Observations from the Driftless Region of Wisconsin

Little Square Bales A high sky is here with that breeze from the west. Talkin’ rain Monday. Sabbath won’t be no day of rest. My brother’s out there now, baking up to the rake. Roll ...

In the Downhill of Life

A bridge to the Romantic era

In the downhill of life, when I find I’m declining, May my lot no less fortunate be Than a snug elbow-chair can afford for reclining, And a cot that o’erlooks the wide sea; With an ...

The Draconids

Reader staffer shares rhyme and verse

For Norah And especially were we led to cultivate that discipline developed in respect to divine and heavenly things as being the only one concerned with the study of things which are always what they ...

Three poems by Brian Jobe

LIberal arts teacher/poet

In Vento et Rapida Aqua Even if her words could be written on wind and rapid water, they were seductive and sussurant — and electric. I sought her again and again, wanting to be bitten ...

Two poems by Gabriel Olearnik

His third collection, Wolf Sermons, is scheduled to be released this fall

Wanderer The sea has soaked my heart and so my soul will take the road the spume playing a billow on a bright wind. And if I am alone, it does not matter for Poseidon ...

Three poems by David Middleton

Poet-in-Residence at Nicholls State University

Self-Examination: Reflections in a Mirror Time once again for my six-months’ exam I stand before a mirror to assess This aging body’s state, each troubling sign I’ll need to show my doctor — lumps or ...

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