Musician Interviews

Devo from the ground up

“We were self-effacing metrosexual Yoni worshipers who always left our hotel rooms clean.”

Forged in the horror of the Kent State shootings, bolstered with bracing irony and a handful of religious and pseudoscientific screeds, Devo (short for “de-evolution”) took showmanship, synthesizers, and science fiction to the masses. They’re ...

Between vice and virtue

Back from a lengthy hiatus from the local music scene is Grant Reinero with a new band, a goth-pop trio he calls Stewardess. Reinero seems intent on making up for lost time: “Stewardess has played ...

Donkified in Bizarro San Diego

The Donkeys started in 2004 with Timothy DeNardo, Jessie Gulati, Anthony Lukens, and Sam Sprague. DeNardo explains that the band shared a small Mission Gorge rehearsal space with three other bands that eventually went away. ...

Pop and weirdness

“I want to have babies. I want to do handstands. I want to speak Japanese.”

“My live show is a one-woman act of sorts,” says electro-opera singer-songwriter Trish Hosein, aka Trishes. “It includes beat-boxing, vocal looping and effects, and keyboard synth hooks that showcase indie-pop tunes. I think these layers ...

The classic, current Drake Bell

Jumble the letters of Drake Bell’s name and you can spell “rockabilly”

Former TV star (Drake & Josh, filmed in San Diego)–turned–plunking tunester Drake Bell has a new persona ready to spit-shine: rockabilly boogie! He took some questions from the Reader over email. What are your memories ...

Lee Coulter, born with swagga

“I was never fired or anything. I like to think that’s because I’m too pretty.”

“Most of my songs consist of simple lyrical concepts in the form of a melodic pop song, broken down with raw, acoustic production,” says soulful troubadour Lee Coulter. “Then I like to change it up ...

The Brothers Gow, true bros who are going somewhere

Drop out, rock out.

“Move to San Diego as soon as possible, and don’t waste your time anywhere else.”

Mojo Workin’

San Diego’s multimedia, spaz-rappin’ hillbilly

While he has released some ten albums, appeared in a handful of movies, had years of MTV exposure and tons of radio airplay for his novelty hits (“Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant with My Two-Headed Love ...

The Jamuel fire

“There is a hilariously large population of former San Diegans in New York City.”

For the past ten months, producer/engineer/DJ Keith Milgaten (aka Jamuel Saxon) has been living in Brooklyn and, under the alias Keith Sweaty, dropping the occasional dance mix on Soundcloud, including his own spin on brother ...


After four EPs and three full-lengths, the Dum Dum Girls, masterminded by Dee Dee Penny (née onetime San Diego resident and Grand Ole Party drummer Kristin Welchez, aka Kristin Gundred), seems poised to go ubiquitous, ...

Partied with Page

“We’re just a rock band with a very heavy groove,” says Sledd guitarist Kevin Michael. “We have a modern sound, but we don’t sound like any of the other contemporary groups because we pull from ...

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