Musician Interviews

Mojo Workin’

San Diego’s multimedia, spaz-rappin’ hillbilly

While he has released some ten albums, appeared in a handful of movies, had years of MTV exposure and tons of radio airplay for his novelty hits (“Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant with My Two-Headed Love ...

The Jamuel fire

“There is a hilariously large population of former San Diegans in New York City.”

For the past ten months, producer/engineer/DJ Keith Milgaten (aka Jamuel Saxon) has been living in Brooklyn and, under the alias Keith Sweaty, dropping the occasional dance mix on Soundcloud, including his own spin on brother ...


After four EPs and three full-lengths, the Dum Dum Girls, masterminded by Dee Dee Penny (née onetime San Diego resident and Grand Ole Party drummer Kristin Welchez, aka Kristin Gundred), seems poised to go ubiquitous, ...

Partied with Page

“We’re just a rock band with a very heavy groove,” says Sledd guitarist Kevin Michael. “We have a modern sound, but we don’t sound like any of the other contemporary groups because we pull from ...

Banter and start a band

Buddy Banter is poor but they love what they do.

While the rest of the country braces for the next ice age, San Diegans take lackadaisical bike rides to neighborhood brew pubs to catch a buzz with a few friends under the burning winter sun. ...

Ratt gets ready to roll

On San Diego: "What happened to this place?"

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy talks about the ’80s San Diego glory days…but — BUT! — the band is getting to roll again. Can’t keep a good Ratt down. Take note, so-called “pest controllers”!

Kick out the jams

The Casbah is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month with a slate of local-centric reunions and all-star jams, and it’s hard to pick just one night worth showcasing. For my money, the January 17 Penetrators ...

Heffern’s redemption

Interview with Gary Heffern, former frontman for the Penetrators.

Ubu is the idea

Pere Ubu can and have been praised for their salvo of dark matter fired from America’s heart (their native Cleveland) starting with their first single “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” in 1975. They bring their Lady ...

Trumpeter C-Money talks Batman, public office, and vodka and grape juice

Social music.

“Why not let the good news be heard just as much as we freak out about whatever witch-hunt the media is onto today?”

The dark and heavy of ILYA

Their acidic-sweet separation is over.

Returning from a four-year hiatus (minus a local Halloween appearance in 2011), ILYA is back in the studio wrapping up their third full-length album with two new members: guitarist Demetrius Antuña (ANA, KATA, the Dropscience) ...

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