East Village Stories

Sampler Flight: October 22–27

Priming the pump pre-San Diego Beer Week

October 25 | Halloween Party: Costumes are optional, but Mission Brewery guarantees to hold up its end of the early All Hallow’s Eve equation, promising beer, music, food trucks and “unlimited scares.” Not sure how ...

Art sought for East Village trolley stop

Business Improvement District to fund up to $25,000 for unspecified art project

East Village Association, which manages the downtown neighborhood’s Business Improvement District, has put out a request for proposals to create an art installation for the trolley station at Park Boulevard and Market Street. The association ...

East Village Chinese, open at last!

This will be your go-to take-out, Villagers

Been trawling up and down 12th, Park Boulevard, in the trolley, waiting for the moment. This time I stop and jump out, because yes! "Open," says the sign. It's the Chinese place that's been building ...

Mission Brewery fires "cannons"

Thirty-two ounces of beer in the can…thirty-two ounces of beer

Ever had two empty pint glasses in your hand and thought to yourself: If only there was a way to fill these without having to go to the trouble of opening two beers. OK, probably ...

New San Diego Central Library hosts first board meeting

Three new branch libraries in the works

A few days after its opening, the San Diego Central Library’s board of commissioners met on the ninth floor of the new building on October 2. The monthly meeting, always open to the public, was ...

Sampler Flight: October 8–13

Local ways to let the good times roll, craft-style

October 8 | Listening & Tasting Party: Due to permitting, many San Diego breweries aren’t allowed to provide live entertainment. Bummer, right? So, the opportunity to spend time bobbing along with The Silent Comedy at ...

The Local to go the brewery route

Crafty eatery and drinking hole entering brewing arena

Popular watering hole The Local Eatery and Drinking Hole (1065 Fourth Avenue, Downtown) is working on establishing its own brewery. A an early adapter to the craft beer model, The Local regularly serves a long ...

Beer of the Week: Monkey Paw Satanic Chimp

A devilish yet surprisingly righteous East Village creation

Even as a devout Christian, there’s something very intriguing about a beer that labels itself as “satanic.” Especially when said devil’s brew is served up in dark, cavernous lair juxtaposed almost ironically by stain glass ...

I Eat People: Children's Monster Art

A collection of multimedia monsters as imagined by kids.

“My nephew and I used to hang out and draw monsters,” says Sam Lopez, curator of the upcoming I EAT PEOPLE: Children's Monster Art exposition. “He was probably 5 years old. He is a great ...

Street neighbor: Down on 13th, the East Village

Todd from Texas, homeless since 17

Todd is camped out with his woman. They, along with another ten or so “campers,” are situated along the wall of the closed business, Central Graphics, on 13th Street. When that business opens, they and ...

Interview: street neighbor in the East Village

Kazakhstan national can’t get her daughter back

East Village along the top of the Market Street hill, just past the Park and Market trolley stop, is a fine place for a memorable date or simply a night out with friends: wine-and-cheese bistros, ...

The flip side of vinyl

Mark Alan Hamilton bought a downtown record store in 2007 (Fiesta Records) and his timing couldn’t have been worse. Now he says vinyl is making a comeback (probably so we’ll publish an article about his record store).

Burrito Boys

More practical than church

The “Burrito Boys” is a group of young and old men who make burritos in Tierrasanta on a Saturday night and take them downtown to give away to the homeless and hungry on Sunday. The “Burrito Babes” apply the hot sauce.

Taking the monkey by the paw

In February, Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery (805 16th Street, East Village) brewmaster Derek Freese unexpectedly gave notice at the brewpub so he could take a job with Point Loma work-in-progress Modern Times Beer. He ...

Late-late brekky

The Village @ 631 serves up come coffee and sausage at Ed’s request

New Riffs

La Casita Mexican Diner has a new owner offering new riffs on Mexican food.

Accessible Gourmet Fare

Mid-range restaurants, gastropubs, and shops taking things to the next level.

Nowadays, I spend much of my time eating in restaurants or locked up in my office documenting those experiences. But before I wrote my first word about food, most of my time was spent in ...

Between Slurps

“Californians drink wine by itself, like a cocktail. In France, we drink it always with food.”

You Want This Again?

Having been hornswoggled by both the Chargers and the Padres, and knowing the City is wobbling financially, San Diego voters are unlikely to approve a fat subsidy for a new Chargers stadium. But downtown overlords ...

Clean and Safe Hires a Consultant

In 2009, a few downtown residents discovered that they, along with over 2600 other downtown property owners, had been overcharged by the property and business improvement district in which they lived. The assessment district, also ...

Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery

Unless you outright loathe good beer, you probably know the name Scot Blair. In fact, you’ve probably been to his University Heights, South Park, and City Heights bars, which specialize in select local and craft ...

No Vacation at "the Restaurant"

Mama Teresa... After 12 years, here she is, beautiful, smiling, slim, fair-haired, 87. I first met her 15 years back. Her place at Park (12th) and Broadway hasn’t changed much. On the outside, it’s still ...

Conventions, Football Don’t Mix

Southern California has balmy weather and, seemingly, balmy leadership. For one thing, both Los Angeles and San Diego want to expand convention centers in the teeth of a grossly overbuilt market and slumping convention attendance. ...