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Release the Kraken!

Seafood-sandwich dream in Barrio Logan

“Our dream is to make the seafood sandwich as available as the hamburger.”

Hard to breathe in Barrio Logan

No puedo respirar

Barrio Logan’s mixture of residential and industrial use has taken its toll on the citizenry, who have higher rates of asthma than people in other San Diego neighborhoods.

Secret sushi society?

Ed stumbles upon Sushi on a Roll, gets an education — for example, eat sushi with your fingers, not chopsticks. And by all means, don’t stab sushi with chopsticks (bad luck).

Come out and play

Chad Deal parties with an insane lumbering monster.

Were it not for the photographic evidence, Figment could have been a hallucination. The annual Chicano Park festival is how American families everywhere would be spending their Sunday afternoons if Jello Biafra had been elected ...

San Diego Public Market seeks permanence

Vendors at the San Diego Public Market wonder what’s next as the management fields proposals to set up permanent spaces and prepares to become an everyday operation.

Leave it to me

Ed leaves his order to Cool Hand Kate, Miss Sushi

Kate Murray went to sushi school against the advisement of men who told her raw fish begins cooking in women’s hands because they’re warmer than men’s.

Original Artists Work to Restore Chicano Park Murals

Armando Nuñez is touching up a skeleton. “That first day,” he says, “I brought a half-gallon can of green bathroom paint. Everybody brought whatever they had. That’s how it was. We didn’t plan. We just ...

The Whitening of San Diego's 92113 Zip Code

More non-hispanic whites are moving into communities such as Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, Mountain View, and Southcrest. According to a list compiled by education expert and executive vice president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, ...

Bad Music Night in Logan Heights

It was a sad day for clowns when, last July, antiquated zoning regulations forced Technomania Circus to shut down their backyard performance space in Barrio Logan after seven years in business. Determined to continue juggling ...

Three-Alarm Umami

“I started out leasing my own food truck. I was 20.”

Sunny, breezy day. Walking through the barrio, heading down César Chávez toward the trolley. Pass ye olde brick building that used to be Chuey’s bar-eatery. ’Course, for years it’s been Ryan Bros. coffee-roasting and sipping ...

Birria in the Barrio

Call it the next best thing to Mexico. I’m in Barrio Logan, walking down Beardsley, past the Logan Heights Family Health Center Clinic. What I like — apart from the clinic and the half-dozen apartment ...

Search for Shelter Site Begins and Ends on Newton Avenue

Although the winter homeless shelter in Logan Heights was closed just a few months ago, the debate about where to place it this year is already heating up. On April 27, councilmembers on the Land ...

Council Votes to Reopen Winter Shelter in Barrio Logan

"We don't need the harassment anymore," said Jonathon Rosita at Wednesday's city council meeting. "Why don't you just put it at Newton, huh? Stop playing with Golden Hall, and stop playing games with us." Rosita ...


“I was on the Blue Line trolley heading south to San Ysidro around 5:30 a.m. when it hit a guy talking on his cell phone,” said college student Jennifer Tull. The County of San Diego ...