What has 25 awards and flies?
  • What has 25 awards and flies?
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Will it be Redford or Streep? Captain Phillips or Philomena? The Croods or Despicable Me 2? Masters of Sex or The Big Bang Theory?

Do you really care who or what takes home a Golden Globe? In the grand scheme of things, will an awards show, the only saving grace of which is the contestants are allowed to drink, really impact or alter the way you view life and/or art? That's precisely why this Sunday night you need to pay closer attention to The Big Screen than your TV screen.

Matthew Lickona and "Dipshit" will once again be glued to their MacBooks hoping to help make sense of it all as only we can. By Monday morning most people will have already blanked out on most of the winners, but it's a safe bet that you'll never forget the howls, gags, and off-color entertainment that await you on our live blog.

The ceremony commences at 5 pm, but I'll probably be kicking around the computer during the pre-game festivities hoping to see who June Squibb is wearing. Check in at Big Screen around 4. By then, Lickona and I will be so tanked we'll be begging Earl Stiff to pitch in and swab our throats out.

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