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I woke up this morning, knowing that everything on my uncovered porch outside was going to be saturated by the evening rain...Why was everything outside uncovered and unprotected from the rain you ask? BECAUSE THIS IS SAN DIEGO...and it's common knowledge that we overpay heavily to live here because the rain tends to stay away. So my porch stays uncovered. I'm a perfect example of a weather-spoiled San Diegoan. Having grown up in this paradise city for eighteen years of my life, I know how much better it feels to wake up with the sun in your face, and a cool breeze spraying through the window, rather than the sounds of heavy raindrops hitting the rooftops, and the grey skies tricking you into thinking it's still only 7am. I left San Diego for Washington state when I turned eighteen, and then bolted out of there just shy of three years later, because I missed my flawless San Diego weather. Needless to say, I get a little irritated when the rainclouds try to move in on the sun in my neighborhood, so I took a long walk this morning so that I could pick out things to remind me why I love living here so much, regardless of the occasional rainfall.

I live in North Park, off of Lincoln Ave, crossing 30th st, and anyone who knows that neighborhood, knows that there is a donut shop next to the AutoZone right there on the corner, across the street from the seedy pawn shop, and some place that apparently specializes in selling dress shirts "on hangers." Occasionally, I take a stroll down to the shop to grab a few of their custard filled donuts and a cup of joe. It's reasonable that I usually get out of there with a half dozen donuts and two coffees for under ten bucks. My number one thing to love about living in this neighborhood, is that I can walk down to that donut shop, and kill two birds with one stone. They sell cigarettes, so if I don't feel like trucking my ass in the other direction because I smoked my last cigarette the night before, I have a variety to choose from right there behind the counter, $5.50 per pack, out the door. Talk about convenience. Not to mention that the sweet little asian man behind the counter usually throws in a free sprinkle donut if I smile at him and throw a buck in the tip jar.

As I'm walking back, I'm looking up at the sky noticing how there is a fine distinction between where the rainclouds are forming, and the blue sky is trying to open up. I was thinking to myself...The San Diego sky is too selfish to give up her azul charm to some unwelcome, unwanted rain clouds that pushed their way into our city...So I imagined the San Diego sky screaming from across the border of her imaginary line: "You stay on your side! I'll stay on mine!" like a childish feud between two kids trying to play with the same toy. As I look outside now, I see that she's still not giving up without a good fight. Atta girl.

Aside from what was going on in the neighborhood itself on this gloomy morning, I was also noticing the people around me, and how they were dealing with the intrusion on our perfect weather. It turns out I'm not the only one who holds a huge grudge against the rain around here. I couldn't help but chuckle softly to myself when I saw a woman pull up to a curb that had collected a rain puddle overnight that was wide, and quite deep. It's like she didn't realize that when she opened her door to step out, that she would end up standing in this puddle of water up to her ankles. So as I passed by, I watched her open the door and look down, waiting for a few seconds as if saying to herself: "What...the hell...is that?!" It's just amusing to me to observe the reactions of people who aren't used to this whole "rain" thing. Die hard, true blue, weather spoiled San Diegoans, like myself. The best part, is that instead of stepping out and trying to avoid the puddle, she clossed her door, and drove back down Lincoln to find a more desirable parking spot. It was like a mini protest on her part. You go girl.

Circling the block, saying good morning to every early riser that passed by, and gladly recieving responses, I was admiring the homes around me, with all of their character and unique charm. One house had a huge unicorn painted on the sliding glass door off the porch, another was still adorned with their ghoulish decorations left over from halloween. There were people walking their dogs, carrying yoga mats and walking to the beats of the music playing through their headphones. Others were cruising around in suits and ties, with cell phones attached to their ears, trying to coordinate their work days. This is just san diego, in all of it's glory and diversity. What do you know? As I'm finishing this up, the sun is starting to come out. Talk about the power of good energy. Thanks to the San Diego sky for fighting the good fight, and keeping our reputation in good standing. I Love San Diego, the paradise city as I call it, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else, ever again, even if I have to complain about the rain every now and then.

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