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At police headquarters downtown, Fox 5 dutifully transmitted Lansdowne’s proclamation — that San Diego’s 2009 “crime numbers” were “some of the lowest…in the past five years,” featuring a “57 percent decrease in gang homicides.” Viewers were also treated to a glowing review from city councilman Tony Young (who presumably represents the “neighborhood” to which Bade had alluded), who credited Winter Storm with making San Diego “more livable.” However, Fox did attempt to inject a semblance of balance by broadcasting an on-camera interview with a “La Mesa mom” who — complaining stridently about hookers in her neighborhood and casting aspersions about local crime-fighting efficacy — said of Lansdowne, “He’s lying.”

But what about the gang members themselves? What sort of ethnicity, age, and gender are we talking about here? Sure, we could guess — e.g., black or Hispanic males from roughly 15 to 25 — but what if the “gangstas” turned out to be elderly Japanese women with Ph.D.s? Media Hawk wants to know.

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primateyell April 7, 2010 @ 4:55 p.m.

As an education reporter, I have to say that the first segment on this blog is a little unfair. Juvenile offenders aren't like adults. There is even MORE privacy around them. Moreover, you ask whether the U-T pressed SDUSD on the question, but you don't give any evidence of whether you asked the U-T that and what they said.

Can you get something better out of SDUSD on this? If so, show us and add something to the dialogue. If not, the glass houses rule applies.


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