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One woman pointed to someone and said, “That woman over there really is pregnant...and check her cup. She’s drinking Jack Daniel’s.”

I was chatting with a chemist when a woman came over and told us a joke. She then asked him if he had one to tell. The chemist said, “What did the electron say to the proton? You’re so positive.” I smiled, but she looked confused. He said, “Hey, I’m a chemist, not a comedian.”

I saw several T-shirts that had ‘60s phrases printed on them. Some shirts were obviously homemade. One read, “I’m whacked out on LDS — A Mormon gone nuts.” Another read, “Ban the bra.” I asked, “Isn’t that supposed to be ‘burn the bra’?” The guy looked down at his shirt and after a few seconds thinking about it, replied, “I like ‘ban the bra’ better. Why burn perfectly good clothing?”

A guy in a flannel shirt had on a Humphrey and Muskie campaign button. He was telling me about them when I noticed that under his flannel he was wearing a Hall & Oates T-shirt. I asked him what was up with that. “Well, the design kind of looked psychedelic,” he said. “I was hoping no one would notice the band.”

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