There was some dispute as to how Thanksgiving in July got started. This was the third year they’d done it and it was their biggest, with more than 100 people. Connor and his band the Re-rees had been together since the eighth grade. He said, “I had the idea. We couldn’t really spend Thanksgiving together because some would go back to Virginia and another went back to Portland. A few went back East. We thought we’d just do it in July, when all of us were in town.”

More cotton candy was passed around. I commented that all the leaves on the ground reminded me of Thanksgiving, but the cotton candy reminded me of a carnival. Adam told me about a carnival in North Dakota. He was ten years old, and a guy working a ride was singing “Paradise City” but changing the words to “big titties.” Adam said, “I was only ten. I don’t think this guy realized, or even cared, that kids could hear him singing these lyrics.”

A few guys at the party had ridden their bikes to San Diego from North Carolina. It took them 45 days. Patrick said, “Well, we cheated a little bit. We took a bus part of the way. We did end up riding well over 20,000 miles.”

When we sat down to eat, the band played the national anthem and everyone stood up. I asked the person next to me, “Is it disrespectful that you have the feathers in your hair as the anthem plays?” He said, “I’m from Baltimore. It’s an Orioles thing.”

As we ate, we were given continuous updates on what food was left — “There’s half a duck, a few turkey legs, and lots of chicken.”

I glanced over at the people in line for seconds. A rap song by Biggie Smalls was playing. A bald white guy was bobbing his head to the tune, and my girlfriend leaned over to me and said, “Do you think he’s really into this song or is he just happy that he’s going to be eating more turkey?”

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bluenwhitegokart Aug. 15, 2008 @ 3:02 p.m.

That's one thing I miss about living in San Diego: block parties. I lived all over IB, OB, PB, CV, Hillcrest (before people knew it as gay central), Kensington, Abby-normal Heights, even out into East San Diego. Very few areas didn't have block parties back in the day. North County...not so much. Well, those were the good old days.


Josh Board Aug. 18, 2008 @ 3:14 p.m.

I went to a block party in North County...Carlsbad area. I wrote about it, maybe 6 months back. I forgot the theme of it, but a bunch of 5th graders had a band playing. One woman was really into dogs. Another lady runs a bakery out of her garage...and she hooked up the neighbors with some awesome desserts. I think it really depends on the type of neighborhood you live in, in terms of how the houses are designed and the street, etc. In Mira Mesa, I grew up in a cul de sac. Lots of block parties. Yet, down the long stretch of Gold Coast, you didn't see many block parties. But, it's such a busy street traffic wise, maybe the houses all thought it wouldn't be safe to have kids running around the front yard and into the street. Who knows.


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