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One lady asked us if we made art. My date said, "Doesn't everyone, to some degree?" I said, "I used to draw those turtles that were in the TV Guide. And I could glue macaroni to construction paper back in elementary school with the best of 'em."

I overheard one woman in all black tell another woman she liked her green jacket. She said, "You look very Christmasy and I look like a lump of coal."

I took a tour of the gallery with one of the owners. He told me that all the art was created by San Diego artists. After he showed a few pieces, I could tell it would be a while, and I started to feel like a third-grader stuck on a museum field trip. I soon realized that I wasn't in school and that I could do whatever I wanted. I walked back out, grabbed a shot of tequila, and talked with Sarah again.

As I was finishing a bottle of green tea, a guy said to me that he couldn't believe anyone would drink the tea. A student had brought cases of it a long time ago, and the guy thought it was probably bad by now. My date laughed, but I looked at the bottle, thought about it, and continued drinking. It couldn't be any worse for me than that tequila was.

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