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— On December 12, Waring exchanged ever-so-friendly e-mails with Tom Story, the longtime overseer of development activities for the City who went to Sunroad in late 2005 and is now being charged with influence-peddling by the city attorney's office. Waring was thinking of setting up a phone conference with the FAA. Story wanted to be in on the call. Story volunteered to have Sunroad's Washington lobbyist set up the phone colloquy.

Sunroad has two even higher buildings on the drawing boards. Both of these, too, break FAA rules. On December 12, Waring offered Story gratuitous advice. "For what it is worth, I suggest you are making a tactical error in not solving building 1 and then and only then dealing with 2 and 3," offered Waring. Such chumminess.

While this was going on, Waring had his employees prepare a timeline. It shows that on June 19 of last year, the City learned that the FAA had concerns about the height of Centrum 1. The next day, the federal administration told Sunroad that the building would be officially classified as a hazard. Two days later, a Sunroad attorney said that the federal administration had no authority to control local land use. But the next day, June 23, Sunroad said it would hold construction to 160 feet, as the federal government desired. On June 29, Sunroad got permission from the federal agency to construct the 160-foot building.

One month later, Sunroad told the City that it would build to 180 feet (now 190 feet). On January 23, Waring told the California Department of Transportation that "we have never received a satisfactory answer" why Sunroad agreed to build to 160 feet "and then proceeded to 180 feet."

The city attorney is trying to get an answer to that question in court. He is catching flak from the rest of city government. Could it have something to do with money?

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