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After my sister and I got bored, my dad would drive us back to our neighborhood so we could finish trick-or-treating. This was always the main event because it was a large neighborhood and the majority of our friends lived there.

When we'd return home, we would sit in the hallway, dump the bags of candy on the carpet, and sort it, keeping the good stuff and throwing away the gross or bad stuff, such as unwrapped licorice and cheap lollipops. My sister and I would always fight about who got the most candy and how the "best stuff" would be split up. My mom would always tell us to stop or else she'd take our candy away.

Now that I am almost 17 and too old to trick-or-treat, I miss those days. Trick-or-treating created family memories that I wouldn't give back for the world. -- Angela Perna, El Capitan H.S.

Okay, I'll admit it...I was one of those teenagers who went trick-or-treating on Halloween. Throughout the beginning of October, freshman year, I contemplated whether or not I was too old to go trick-or-treating. However, on Halloween, my friends and I couldn't resist putting together some last-minute outfits and running from house to house. I gathered every red piece of clothing I could find in my house and grabbed my devil horns and pitchfork from a few years earlier. My friend threw on an apron and grabbed a bread roller, declaring herself Betty Crocker. About seven of my friends gathered at my house. The best part about that night was feeling like we had returned to elementary school. We pushed each other out of the way to get the biggest pieces of candy and complained when the person gave us one piece less than the kid standing next to us. We ran around jumping out from behind cars, scaring each other. Near the end of the night, we received a rude awakening. An old man opened up the door, and after hearing "trick or treat," looked us over once, said, "You kids are too old to trick or treat," then closed the door, leaving us on his doorstep. We looked around in shock. No one had ever denied us free candy on Halloween. After that, we went back to my friend's house and ate too much candy.

We forgot about the old man, but that was the last house we ever trick-or-treated at. I now sit at home and deliver candy, envious of the kids who come by; or, I watch scary movies with my friends. At least I still get free candy (from my younger sister's trick-or-treat bag). -- Bryanna Schwartz, Westview H.S.

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