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Larry: "I have several basses here at home, from a Pölmann ($13,000) to a very beat-up 1950s Kay bass ($1100) to one I had especially made for me by wishbass.com ($1800). I generally use LaBella gut strings. They're reliable."


Larry: "No problem, as I don't. I have a good home recording studio so the other musicians come here."

Steven: "The chicks at clubs pay more attention to my axe than me. So, yeah, my bass gets more action."

Ben: "It is a real nightmare, unless you have a flight case, which usually costs several thousand dollars. Even then, there is no guarantee that it won't be damaged...for example, if it got dropped off a plane when being unloaded. I once had to fly with my upright. I bought an extra seat for it but, upon boarding, realized that the bass would not fit into the seat by any configuration. We tried everything -- upside down, on its side, at an angle. Nothing would work. Finally, after about fifteen minutes of holding up the plane, we decided to lock it into one of the bathrooms and seal it off. The passengers were fairly nonplussed after waiting this long. To top things off, the pilot gets on the speaker to apologize for our late takeoff and to assure everyone that I had bought a seat for my instrument. As I walked back I heard grumblings under people's breath such as, 'Why don't you just bring your whole house next time?' "

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