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The conversations seemed to get back to Point Loma High and the fundraiser. I said to Diana, "I don't get this. In high school, my basketball team sold candy bars, and we brought in hot dogs to sell during the games. How come you guys need so much money for the band?" She said, "There are tournament fees, drill coaches, instrumental sheet music, which can cost $30 to $50 for each one. Uniforms are $500. There is transportation to other schools." Leslie's ex-husband Tim said, "Some schools have semis they use to travel to competitions. My son even said how cool it was that Poway had a few 18-wheelers that carry all the instruments."

One guy who worked for the catering company was almost 50 and looked a bit like actor James Spader. He made jokes as he walked around with food. When I finally spotted the cakes in the gazebo, he was the one serving them. He was great with the guests. One old guy came up and said, "Oh, you don't have any of the cakes cut. I don't want you to have to cut a piece just for me." He started to walk away, and the guy said, "We've been serving cake all night. There are four cakes left. We are here to serve." He then cut the guy a piece. People would ask which one was better and he said, "The chocolate, but those pieces keep falling apart as I cut them." Probably because of the hard chocolate on top that was hard to cut through.

I found out later that Simone Machado made all the cakes: yet another band mom helping out.

I remember my mom used to complain about the bake sale my brother's Cub Scouts had. I can only imagine if she had to make 10 cakes like this or had to pack a drum set into the back of her Oldsmobile.

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