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— Clifford went on to suggest that Greenwood initiated the collaboration between Kenton and the redevelopment agency. Later in the meeting, Greenwood denied it, saying that Kenton's proposal to the agency was unsolicited. He did acknowledge, however, that he had seen its earlier versions. But he had sent Kenton back to rework the proposal before accepting it as "official" on December 14.

The most serious allegation of the day came when Clifford noted Kenton's participation on the Sports Arena Ad Hoc Committee "since last summer." Kenton had a conflict of interest, said Clifford, since he was already putting together his proposal for the blocks behind the Sports Arena. On the Ad Hoc Committee, Kenton "took votes on the general area, not only the Sports Arena complex. Many of his motions covered the commercial zones and commercial byways [surrounding the Sports Arena]," said Clifford. "Kenton voted on the road that ran through his own property. He said, 'No, don't bring the stadium traffic along my road,' because obviously he wants to build condos on his road. He didn't tell the people on the Ad Hoc Committee that he was doing this project. That is an ethics-code violation.

"Kenton also voted for multifamily housing in the Sports Arena area, knowing full well that that would influence areas outside the stadium property. And if you sit here and buy into his proposal," Clifford told the subcommittee, "you're putting a rubber stamp on unethical behavior. And you're allowing a city department to sandbag 60 percent of the property owners in the area."

When Clifford had finished, subcommittee member Gail Cole spoke up. "I'd like to correct your mathematical equation," she said. "There are ten of you property owners [in the proposed redevelopment area]. Only one advocates the condominiums. That means 90 percent of you don't want the project."

But no one on the subcommittee is sure that its rejection of Kenton's redevelopment plan will prevail. On March 29, Kenton, Greenwood, and Rene Coons of Vanard Lithographics appeared on the KPBS-TV program Full Focus. Host Gloria Penner asked Greenwood how the local community was responding to the Kenton condominium proposal. Greenwood launched into a filibuster on "suburban sprawl" and "the need for more housing" in the city of San Diego, conveying an impression of great community support. Only minutes earlier, he acknowledged that he had decided on a 60-day "cooling-off period" to allow property owners a chance to make proposals of their own. The owners are now worried that Greenwood will use the 60 days to delay a vote on the Kenton plan that was scheduled for yesterday's meeting of the North Bay Project Area Committee.

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