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— Gillespie estimates that Labor Ready has approximately 12 sign holders posted around San Diego County each day. He has worked nine-hour shifts on and off during the week for ten years.

A Florida native, Gillespie majored in "Girls and psychedelics. Where did all the hippies go? Well, here's one." Gillespie tired of driving dirt and freight trucks around the country and came to San Diego. Since then, he has also worked at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

"I love doing my own thing; I hate being tied down," he said. "I wouldn't be holding this sign on the corner if I didn't like doing different things. I already tried that success thing; it was not all that it was cracked up to be. Living day to day. Can't look too far ahead; then you're looking like Mr. Bush does. Of course, he's making bullets and body bags: he wants to put a bullet in you and fill his body bags."

At the mention of going to war, Gillespie asked, "Do you want to shoot me? I don't want to shoot you, so what's the difference with anyone else?"

Gillespie returned to holding the sign by the street light. Another four hours to go. As he put it, "Standing on your two feet for eight hours, most people say it's easy, but it's different when you're actually doing it. Young feet stand up the same as old feet."

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