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— "There's a lot of things I don't like about sales. I don't like relying on other people to get my income, and I don't like the hours. I had to work every weekend -- I mean every weekend. I'm a social person, and I didn't have any social life at all. It affected me."

Unlike Lefear, Moseman's loss of a job came with shorter notice and a greater sense of devastation. "I think I felt how everyone else feels when they are let go. Unworthy, depressed, and all the other good stuff."

Lefear lives alone and has no savings. "My monthly bills are about $1000, and I owe about $10,000 on student loans. Unemployment currently pays me about $500 a month. That'll probably end in another month or two. It's been about three months that I've been getting them. I don't like not having any money. If I can go back to training, my benefits will continue, but if that doesn't happen, I can't last that long. It takes money to live." Moseman has been jobless before, with the longest stretch lasting four months.

"I'm here at the career center so I can go back for training. I'm researching new careers right now. I took a skills-assessment test last week and got the results yesterday. They said that I should get into something creative, from anything like chef to hair stylist to radiological technician to paramedic."

In spite of his disappointment, Moseman tries to keep a positive outlook. "Being unemployed is not something I would choose, but everything happens for a reason. There's a reason why this happened: so I could change my career and be a little happier than I was then."

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