Tower Heist 1.0 stars

Tower Heist movie poster

Rage about elite-hustler Bernie Madoff gets hashed into Brett Ratner’s heist comedy. Alan Alda plays the smug, Madoff-ian figure, who even scams the pensions of the decent, obsequious people who run his luxury high-rise. The building manager (Ben Stiller) looks for payback, with a milquetoast (Matthew Broderick), a nerd (Casey Affleck), and a lippy street crook (Eddie Murphy). The cast is game, and some lines zing, but caper energy evaporates into a bag of gags involving Steve McQueen’s Ferrari, a dog, a high-speed chase through the big Macy’s parade, and an amateur safecracker (Gabourey Sidibe of Precious, so obese that she is almost eyeless). 2011.

David Elliott

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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