Look back in wide-eyed wonder. An idealistic English teacher (Minnie Driver) returns to her provincial hometown following the death of her father. (Being a princess in the big city just wasn't happymaking.) There, she plans to put on a rock-infused production of Shakespeare's Tempest in a Wales high school circa 1976. Along the way, she will encounter resistance from nasty, hidebound colleagues(!), romantic difficulties among her impossibly handsome and accomplished adolescent performers(!!), and a helping hand from an unexpected source(!!!). It's all here: Outcasts! Troublemakers! Homosexuals! Sage advice along the lines of, "You can't persuade someone to love you, and you can't blame them when they don't." The film's chief accomplishment is actually looking like a washed-out color photo taken on someone's Kodak Instamatic back in the day. 2011.

0.0 stars

— Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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