Like the Broadway-bound Ice Capades holding its first out-of-town tryout that it’s destined to become, Frozen is a glacially stiff, perpetually unamusing animated musical with a talk-singing score that will leave one pining for the lifeless soundtrack to The Princess and the Frog. Chris Buck (Tarzan) and Wreck-It Ralph co-author Jennifer Lee shared the directing duties. Come for the feature, leave after the five-star featurette. Lauren MacMullan’s Get A Horse, the new vintage Mickey Mouse short that opens the show, is a whirlwind animated history lesson that pays loving tribute to everything from '20s "rubber hose" cartooning to contemporary 3D CGI. In six minutes, Ms. MacMullan, the first woman ever to direct a Disney picture, presents a virtuoso study in depth and motion: you’ll want to duck from all the flying debris once the merry-go-round breaks down. It’s easily the best short to come out of Burbank since Uncle Walt left us. 2013.

0.0 stars

— Scott Marks


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