Concussion 4.0 stars

Concussion movie poster

From a cast and crew of virtual unknowns — only producer Rose Troche (Go Fish) rang a bell — comes a curious quest to restore passion. A youngster accidentally beans one of his two mommies with a ball and the shock of the impact is enough to engender a lifestyle change. Abby (Robin Weigert), a bored interior designer whose asexual wife dozes off in mid-fingering, procures the services of a Craigslist crack whore, followed by an $800-an-hour "lipstick lesbian" before accepting an invitation to take on a Jane of her own. If you’re already cringing at the prospect of another “housewife-by-day, hooker-by-night” retread, think again. Stacie Passon’s Concussion is fresh and daringly erotic with a lead performance that’s so good, it took a second viewing for me to realize how big a part Weigert played in helping to plaster over a few of the film's more implausible cracks. Don Buñuel would have loved this movie. 2013.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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