Bears movie poster

"Hey kids! Welcome to Disneynature! It's a lot like regular nature, except we've added slo-mo, and also some anthropomorphic aspects to keep you ADHD tykes interested. 'Anthropomorphic' is derived from the Greek 'anthropos' — man — and 'morpho' — form. It means that we change the form of things so that they're more like people. So when we tell you the True Life Adventure of an Alaskan brown bear and her cubs, we'll give them names! We'll also ascribe human virtues to them - things like bravery and prudence. Do I abandon the cubs to go fishing, or bring them with me? I think I'll ditch 'em; that wolf can't get both of them! Bears — they're just like us! Granted, it gets a little awkward when we tell you that the male bears sometimes eat the cubs, but be honest — doesn't that sound a lot like your grumpy daddy? We'll also add metaphysics — more Greek! — in the form of a mystical raven who points the way for Mom and her babies. And just maybe, we'll jack up the drama with some duplicitous editing." Stunning photography, though. With Sky, Amber, and Scout. 2014.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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