West Hollywood, 1979. A carefree female impersonator (Alan Cumming) and a closeted D.A. (Garret Dillahunt) engage in a one night stand, and in no time they’re a couple immersed in a custody battle to adopt a 14-year-old (Isaac Leyva) with Down Syndrome. (The boy’s mother is serving time for drug possession.) One can only blame a paltry budget and 23-day shooting schedule for so much. Director and co-writer Travis Fine had all the material resources needed to make a solid low-budget film. But. Saddled with an unsteady Brooklyn accent and asked to spew dialog steeped in goo (“Don’t ever call my boy a retard!”), even the generally reliable Cumming appears to be bucking for a permanent slot on the Lifetime Channel. Given how little the unashamedly sentimental script has to say about its watery characters, Any Day Now might just as well have been about a gay couple struggling to take in a stray cat. Beyond horrifying. It makes Forrest Gump look like The Titicut Follies. With Frances Fisher, Gregg Henry, and Chris Mulkey. 2012.

0.0 stars

— Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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