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Dan "Dannicus" Frecks: Guitar (acoustic), Harmonica, Vocals | Jamie "Urbano" Garza: Bass guitar, Guitar (acoustic), Vocals | Mikey "Wolf" Madrid: Bass guitar, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Mandolin | Wanda "Ania" Frecks: Percussion, Vocals | Brent "The Red" McCarter: Drums, Percussion

Genre: Acoustic, Rock

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Inception: Lakeside, 2006

Ex-Band Members: Lonnie "Nicodimus" Scott, Drums, Percussion

Influences: Flogging Molly, the Dropkick Murphys, the Pogues, the Young Dubliners, Kiss, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Pantera, Blackmore's Knight, Dream Theatre, Alice Cooper, Johnny Cash, Metallica, Country Dick Montana and the Beat Farmers, and Alice in Chains.


Dannicus Live blends traditional Irish music and sea shanties with rock, metal, and punk. Formed in 2006, the band has released two albums. The first, Dead Man’s Tales, is made up almost exclusively of Irish drinking songs. The second, Liquor and Whores, is a full-length album.

Dannicus Live hosts and headlines the annual PaddyBash, which has become San Diego’s largest indoor Saint Patrick’s Day Festival, featuring unique musical talent and raising much-needed funds for the Veteran’s Memorial association.


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