Piquant = adj. 1 : pleasantly savory : PUNGENT 2 : engagingly provocative; also : having a lively charm.

The material on this one is still pretty diverse stylistically, but much more unified under the rubric alternative R & B than any of Flick's previous albums. It's got the usual protest/empowerment anthems ('Rock The Boat', 'Got A Gun', 'Preaching To The Choir', 'Druthers', 'Deadbeat', and 'Filibuster'), but the other songs ('Miracle For The Cynical', 'High On You', 'Wild Is The Heart', 'I Got Love', 'Timely [Oh The Things You Say], and 'Little By Little') illustrate an interesting arc of someone going from faithless, loveless cynicism to a less jaded optimism about life and love.

"That was a pleasant surprise, and it snuck up on me," says Flick.


1. Rock The Boat
2. Miracle For The Cynical
3. Got A Gun
4. Preaching To The Choir
5. High On You
6. Wild Is The Heart
7. Druthers
8. Deadbeat
9. I Got Love
10. Filibuster
11. Timely (Oh The Things You Say)
12. *BONUS TRACK* Little By Little (will be initially unavailable online)

Recorded at Blue Chair Studio in South Park, San Diego. Simeon Flick did most everything, with the exception of Mark Tipton's trumpet-ness on 6 & 7 and Chris Kilch's oboe-isms on 11. Also appearing on the album are Mike Strawbridge on percussion, and two of the songs feature the "Dale St. Choir": Erica Dean, Allison Flick, Eric Oberschmidt, Rhea Makiaris, and Mike and Shiloh Strawbridge. John Hawley did additional mixing and Paul Abbot mastered it at Zen Mastering.


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