I moved in to City Heights in mid-May, 2008, and I absolutely LOVE this area. I live across from Monroe Clark Middle School and the children that I've met in passing are SO AWESOME and CREATIVE and FRESH!! They are a joy to talk with and listen to!

My favorite pass time is to WALK THE NEIGHBORHOOD and admire the BEAUTIFUL gardens that my neighbors have growing in their front yards. Lots of LOVE and CARE go into their homes!

And my MOST FAVORITE place to sit and CHAT is at the Starbuck's on University and Fairmont. THOSE GUYS!! Many of the young men in the area come to socialize at Starbuck's. I have met ppl from Ethiopia and Samolia and they are VERY FUNNY and charming. They are ALL bilingual and I can NEVER understand what they are saying to each other, in Samoli, so I STOP them -- and say that we have to have "15 minutes of English" so that I can participate in the conversation. It WORKS!!

Anyway, I LOVE City Heights because of the diversity of people and the beauty of the homes and the care that is clearly given to developing friendships in the community.


mjb2711 Aug. 2, 2008 @ 3:02 p.m.

That was a VERY GOOD story. Sounds like a DELIGHTFUL place to live!


jerome Aug. 4, 2008 @ 9:06 p.m.

yea right>>>>> helocopters and spot lights all night sounds of guns shots all night if ya leave your window open. lme the 13 gang owns da hood loaded with home less ;drugs an prositutes stay on el cajon blvd too close for evening strolls...... ya gotta be nuts to move there and as far as walkin around bring your taser........ nothing delightfull about that place the redevelopment mostly by price industrys with the cooperation of district 3, susan davis and the redevelopment commision sold out they are suckin blood from the people they really need to move there.........dont trust price god almighty my opinion he is a crook as well as interfaith housing group's opinion goes they agree>>>off the record..... the local mexican bussiness folks are friendly and lovely familys and they no where to hide.

city heights square.city heights scare!!!!!! use less social workers... just glad they got a place to hang out and collect a paycheck....


vailala Sept. 4, 2008 @ 11:01 a.m.


I live in City Heights too and I think it is a very rich and diverse area. Lots of cultures from East Africa make it a hot spot for food lovers! MMMMmmmm City Heights. Don't forget to go to the City Heights Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings, great deals!


HeartCityHeights March 20, 2009 @ 1:54 p.m.


I would appreciate if you could substantiate your beliefs on Price Foundation and the redevelopment efforts. How are they "robbin the people." Over several years there have been other inprovments outside of City Heights Square, like the addition of the La Maestra Dental Clinic that provides low income families with affordable dental care. Across the street there is new contruction for the La Maestra health center to help more disadvantaged folks, all funded in part by Price. The Price foundation also offers low interest homeownership loans to low income folks, some of the loans are forgiven and deferred.


The Farmer's market is a great oppurtunity to get great deals on food! San Diego food not bombs has a booth there where "backyard farmers" from City Heights area sell surplus produce grown from their own yards! Also one of only 3 farmer's market to accept the use of EBT! A wonderful resource for us residents

@Jerome Such hateful speech will continue the bias against our neighborhood and hinder people from coming to live in our community, nonetheless come to visit. I am sad you have only one view of the neighborhood, but it seems you are blinded by the negatives. I won't disagree that City Heights has it's problems with gang violence, poverty, etc... But just to inform you, the crime rate in City Heights dropped 8% last year! A marked improvement.... Keep it up City Heights!


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