sometimes when i'm bored and/or i'm trying to distract myself from doing what i need to do when i'm sitting at the 'ol pc (such as writing what i need to write but don't feel much like writing at the mo — which i'll write and post later on today or maybe tomorrow) i troll craigslist san diego rants and raves for a bit of fun which usually turns out to be an infuriating waste of time because the overwhelming majority of most of the rants (give me a break, there are no raves) are just stupid, stupid overwrought whining complaints about other people and groups of people by stupid, stupid overwrought whining people.

sometimes, though, one or two of them are actually worth the read — almost never because they're well-thought-out, well-written, sensible, or noteworthy for making an interesting point or making you actually think about what's written, but generally because they make me roll my eyes and shake my head and sigh in disbelief at the truly stupid, stupid truly overwrought ridiculously whining complaint; or they make me laugh, whether at the writer or the situation, or both.

this one made me laugh, and then feel kinda bad, and then laugh again, for several reasons.

first of all, it's so damned universal that we'll ALL doubtless connect with the writer and the situation even while we're almost ALL lucky enough not to experience anything quite this bad. secondly, because the writer is doubtless just an average gal on an average day in an average life who actually felt so strongly the need to say this to SOMEBODY ANYBODY EVEN IF NOBODY EVER READS IT that she actually went online to craigslist and went through an endless series of various links and "i agree's" to bang it out just to get it out of her system and SCREAM IT TO THE UNIVERSE ON THE WORLDWIDE WEB EVEN IF NOBODY EVER READS IT OR GIVES A SHIT!!... and, thirdly, because she says so well what she says so simply and succinctly that it made me laugh and gave me something to post here whilest i distract myself from writing what i need to write but don't feel much like writing at the mo — which i'll write and post later on today or maybe tomorrow.

And so, without further ado (and really, could even i even possibly create any further ado than i allaready adid?):


F* YOU! I can't stand your f'ing, evil ass. You make me sick & I wish I never had to see you again. Your son & I have been together for 11 years, but, you still act like a psycho BITCH!! What is your f'ing problem? I've never seen an adult scream at the top of their lungs in a restaurant & throw a temper tantrum, until I met you. You stomp out of restaurants, slam doors, throw things, have crying fits, you're nuts. Both of your 'kids' are GROWN MEN and, trust me, they don't wanna hear your constant bullshit and judgements. Why do you think they BOTH moved 3,000 miles away from you?! Why do you think we don't stay with you when we visit NY?! It's because you f'ing suck & your own sons want NOTHING to do with you. Get over yourself. You're just a pathetic, crotchety, hag that whines about EVERYTHING. You complain about being alone, you complain about not having 'lived,' about OUR parenting, about us taking 2 runs to 2 different stores instead of being smarter about our gas....really? Gas? Who gives a f, it's 5 miles?!! What the F is wrong with you? I should feel sorry for you, but, I don't. Ever wonder why you've been SINGLE...ABSOLUTELY ALONE...for the last 30+ years? NO MAN WANTS YOU! You're loud, rude, childish, arrogant, judgemental, inconsiderate, overbearing, (I could go on forever) & your breath is AWFUL....seriously you need to see someone about that breath, Honey!! No wonder his ex-wife wouldn't let you near their daughter...and now that their daughter is old enough to call/contact you herself you STILL don't ever see her. Why should she bother? She doesn't bother because you're such a f'ing c!! You're a waste of time. Heaven help me if you live to be 90 years old, like your mother. It sucks that I absolutely ADORE her, but, I got stuck with you!

  • the entire words were printed in the original but "the words f--k and c--t are not allowed here" at reader blogs.


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