[this is one of the very few times that i have posted (or will post) the same post at both TellingTalesTold sites -- and only because i think it's important -- i hope you do too. -ccf]


the right and honorable and ofttimes downright upright reverend bryan pease, esq, is, like ferris bueller (only so much more so) a righteous dude, indeed; a super man fighting to protect the interests and the rights and even the lives of all of earth's creatures (like me!) yea unto even down onto the simplest of the seen of the scene of the holy sea, fer examples, the La Jolla Seals – no, not them – the actual pinnipeds(1) who've refuged to and rendered a rookery of the little bit of beach which, let's face it, they've got as much right to live and breed on as we've got to lay on and swim from — expeshully considering the fact that we've got access to the whole rest of the california coastline and, what, like, that ain't enough?

brian was recently arrested on a charge of petty theft for — get this — walking out onto the beach and removing a big flag reading "OPEN" which somebody had planted there (on the city property of the beach) without any authority whatsoever from the city.

and now "the city of san diego" — in whoever's "wisdom" this represents — is wasting its time and our tax dollars by prosecuting mr pease for the "theft" of what the city claims was its property — the flag with the statement on it which some anti-seal guy planted on a city beach as if it was his personal property on which to exercise a constitutional right to plant his flag instead of our city property to keep clean of such detritus.

a hearing in san diego superior court on brian's motion to dismiss for selective prosecution(2) will be held tomorrow morning, tuesday, february 19, 2013, at 8:45am in dept. 1 @ 220 w broadway st, and is open to the public, so if you can make it and would like to show your support for brian pease and the pinnipeds, please do. and if you yourself have witnessed selective prosecution (which is to say, persecution) at the children's pool / seal rookery, let him know so that he can call you to testify.

(1) also known as fin-footed mammals [from the Latin "pinna" (meaning "wing" or "fin") and "ped" ("foot"), often generalized as seals – okay, so, never let it be said that y'ain't be a'larnin' sumpin' newer ever day @ www.TellingTalesTold.com – and now also too yas alls know why I allas says I LUVS ME MY WIKIPEDIA!

(2) so i fb'd this about that: "this is ridiculous. the city has nothing better to do with its time and our money? so if somebody sticks into the sand on the beach a big poster-sized photo of two people having sex in the sand on the beach and nobody from the city has removed it yet, i can get arrested for theft if i remove it and throw it over a wall/fence, as you appear to have done with that flag, bryan? what if the sign said 'swimming allowed' and it's not? can a citizen take it upon him/herself to remove it then? does that make a difference? what if the sign said 'shoot' instead of 'open' and you or someone else naturally thought that it was a directive to shoot the seals but the culprick insists that 'shoot' was not a directive but an exclamation — 'shoot, we can't swim here because of the seals.'? and explain to me how a private citizen gets to post anything he wants on a public beach and that's apparently no problem? wtf, i guess we should all go stick all kinds of flags and posters along the beaches — he did and the city isn't bothering him. i'll try to be there. it sounds like fun."

and then some: "another thought: if you can be arrested for and prosecuted on a charge of petty theft for cleaning a city-owned public beach by removing an eyesore which another citizen left there without authorization, can't everybody who removes anything from the beach also be arrested and prosecuted? how about beach combers taking shells which belong to the city and are sometimes somewhat valuable as proven by prices charged in seaside gift shops? how about treasure hunters with those geiger counter style things — aren't they stealing city property in the form of found watches and rings, etc? how about those 'roving gangs' of beach cleaners picking up cans and bottles whose value is 5c per can/bottle in recycling money? how about the homeless who comb the beach for anything of value to add to their nickel and dime savings? isn't it the case that the man who stuck that flag into the sand left an eyesore in the form of an unauthorized personal communique which any citizen had not only the right BUT THE CIVIC DUTY to remove from the public beach which, if he can do that, millions of citizens can also do, leaving the entire san diego and even california coastline littered with any and all manner of political and religious and personal signage? can a blogger go place a flag with his or her website address on it? can people post their facebook and twitter posts and tweets and youtubers post the web address to their videos? if you can be arrested and prosecuted for petty theft for removing that guy's flag, then we can all put up flags and nobody can take them down until a city employee comes along to do so. wtf, maybe i'll go try it myself by posting a flag with my blog website address on it. who's wit me?"(3)

(3) then again, schmaybe this is why i wasn't actually invited... lol. (kinda.)


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