This is for all the talent buyers,club owners and managers.We as musicians and artist,its not our job to bring people to your business,remember..we don,t own the place,its our job to entertain your clientle,its a plus for you if a band have some people that will come out and support them,but after a few times of that,anyone will get burned out,thats human nature.So as far as i am concern,we as musicians need to just stop letting these people pimp us of for really nothing in return for our talent and time.It is so sad that we are not strong enough to stand together against crap like that.

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captjohn Sept. 13, 2010 @ 3:32 p.m.

It is a sad commentary that live music is under appreciated and possibly following Mariachi music as a dying breed. There was an article published recently "Is Jazz Dead?" Is thee something musically left undone that will perk the overstimulated consumer? Musicians come in all flavors and some are better suited to open mic nights while other shine best in front of a symphony at Carnegie hall.

Today, patrons walking into a restaurant may prefer a quiet ambiance where conversation is facilitated. Other patrons may not appreciate the volume or style of music performed. In fact, the customer may have an ipod or mp3 playing their favorite tune. For those few restauranteurs that are willing to take a gamble that their patrons won't complain or leave because of the music, they are later "thanked" by representatives of ASCAP and BMI and others seeking out hundreds of dollars in fees in case the performers infringed on copyrighted lyrics. All in all, it is far easier for a restaurant operator to present a nice quiet atmosphere for his patrons. Live music should probably have a venue of its own where artists rent or buy a building (as the restauranteur did) and charge the public for their performances. Many times a musician will become disappointed due to lack of attendance for his performance. He will look in the mirror and say it was not his fault. He can't blame his fans for not coming since they are his usual support group, so the establishment owner becomes the scapegoat. Any wonder the number of venues with live music is shrinking?


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