Today as I was driving in downtown San Diego, I was sideswiped by an old man in a Van with "I love Jesus" stickers taking up every inch of paint. It seemed that he thought it was ok to make a U-turn in the middle of the street even as oncomming traffic approached.I slammed on my brakes and my car stalled, I checked my friends 12 yr old boy that I was babysitting who was in the backseat and shaken up quite a bit. My boyfriend jumped out of the car to see what damage was done as we were unsure at that point wheather there was any real damage done to either vehicle. Just then the other driver took off! We all got back in and started to follow, We also immediately called 911 who informed us to stay a safe distance behind but to follow best we could. This went on for about 7 miles with him running red lights, stop signs and so on. Finally he pulled into a gas station and the police were there as well then. All this seems cut and dry right? Wrong!! The police officer for some reason immediately took his side, asking me why I followed him recklessly and stating that he himself wpould not have stopped either had I been following ! I reminded him that he hit and ran US!! Had he stopped after he hit us I would never have had to follow! The San Diego Police turned this incident into a nightmare litterally, what they saw was a little old man in a "jesus" van and a young couple with tatoos. I was given a ticket for not having proof of insurance which I do have I just did not have the card. I will add here that the old man did not have the insurance card either but they called his in and he was not given a ticket, when I asked why that was The officer told me that it was'nt my business. I am a tax paying member of this community who was involved in a hit and run accident today and the San Diego Police department made what was an unpleasant experience absolutely rediculous! We are all so worried about the racial profiling that is going on, how can we even begin to combat that when we can't even get our police department to stop the STEREOTYPING that they force on us every day. I pay their salaries and I am treated like the bad guy when in reality they are more at fault in this situation than even the little old man who hit me and then took off!

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